Easy App to Save Hundreds When Tracking Business and Charity Miles


I have to admit… I love this app.

I’m not a huge fan of tracking mileage. And with my freelance and charity work, it really is necessary at tax time to log each mile. Or I walk away from hundreds of dollars in deductions. That isn’t an option.

Easy app to save hundreds on business and charity miles and one that I'm loving! 31Daily.comKeeping track of mileage is one of those necessary tasks most of us dread.

I’ve been using this app for a while. It’s awesome. It’s easy. I wanted you to know about it!

What it is:

MileIQ is an automatic detection, one swipe classification for business, personal, charity, medical etc., mileage app now used by more than 1 million people and partnered with Microsoft.

It’s automatic drive detection captures mileage, creates comprehensive reports you can submit to your employer or keep for your own tax records.

This is one of the features I love most. MileIQ will calculate the value of each one of my drives. It uses the 54 cents/mile formula — the 2016 IRS standard mileage rate — and keeps a running total at the top corner of the app.

And if you forget to mark a drive, MileIQ keeps your drive history stored securely in the Cloud to access later on either your phone or computer. Log into your dashboard, and you have access to detailed reporting.

Try MileIQ and save 20%

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There are several plans, including one that is free.

For me, this is a huge time-saving app. If you need to track miles, check it out.


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