31Daily Christmas Music Playlists

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blue truck carrying Christmas gifts

Creating the magic of the season with the sounds of Christmas. Music inspires and makes better our world. We’ve created two Christmas Music Playlists that are everything we love about the holidays.

It’s Christmas and I’ve been listening to Christmas music since, well, August? 

I can’t help myself. I love Christmas music THAT much!

Once, I made a pact with my husband that we wouldn’t start listening to Christmas music until August. And… I have mostly kept that promise. 

Remember that saying about what happens when the cat is out?


Especially during the holidays, but all throughout the year, if I have help in the kitchen, someone, somewhere turns on the music. 

Music somehow amplifies the aroma of wonderful food and treats… and makes the world a better, more wonderful place.

2 Favorite Christmas Music Playlists

The first is a compilation of 22 songs and over an hour of music. There are new and old classics, familiar and time-honored treasures. Plus, some new to me fun tunes I’m loving this year.

Secondly, I created a beautiful group of Classical favorites I love to listen to while reading, relaxing, sitting by the fire with my husband. I imagine snow drifting silently out my window. The Christmas tree lights are twinkling… and all is well with the world.

This is a playlist I will listen to all winter.

31Daily Christmas Music Playlist

blue truck carrying Christmas gifts

A playlist of 22 Christmas music favorites from classic treasures to new tunes we love. The playlist is about one hour and 14 minutes long.


31Daily Classical Christmas Music Playlist

Gingerbread House

A Classical Christmas Music Playlist of 15 songs lasting about 48 minutes. This playlist features some of the best classical, instrumental, holiday-inspired music I love to listen to throughout the season. From Bach to Tchaikovsky and a lot in-between.

Perfect for relaxing, reading, or sipping a cup of tea.

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