5 Best Stainless Steel Water Bottles for 2016

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Stainless steel reusable water bottles are long-lasting and can keep your water cold for hours. They are also an eco-friendly option.

Their best features make stainless steel an easy choice for water containers.

They are:

  • virtually indestructible with normal use
  • easy to clean
  • do not impart any taste to its contents
  • world-class double-walled insulation
  • contents remain hot for up to 12 hours
  • contents remain cold for up to 24
  • will also never “sweat” from condensation

Our List of the 5 best Stainless Steel Water Bottles for 2016:

1. Klean Kanteen 40 Ounce

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5 Best Stainless Steel Water Bottles for 2016. Stainless steel reusable water bottles are long-lasting, can keep your water cold for hours, easy to clean, and are an eco-friendly option. Learn more at 31Daily.com.The Klean Kanteen 40 Ounce is a 100% 18/8 foodgrade stainless steel double-wall vacuum insulated water bottle. It is one of a huge family of water bottles from Klean Kanteen, available in all sizes, colors, and a variety of different models.

Perhaps one of the most rugged and durable bottles on the market.

Klean Kanteen is perfect for camping, everyday use, something to fit into a cupholder or something to tuck into your backpack or bike-rack. Extensive catalog on Amazon.com.

Currently $21.24 at Amazon

2. Fifty/Fifty 40 Ounce Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The Fifty/Fifty Bottle is an exceptional stainless steel water bottle design. High-quality vacuum insulation will keep its contents well insulated for 24+ hours. Available in 18, 24, 40, and 64-ounce varieties in a selection of colors, the Fifty/Fifty line offers something for everyone. Wide-mouth construction makes it easy to fill and clean, regardless of what you’re putting in it.

Currently $25.81 on Amazon

3. Zojirushi 16 Ounce Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The bestselling Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug features vacuum insulation technology to keep your beverages hot or cold for about six hours. The sleek, leak-proof design features an extra-wide mouth that easily accommodates ice cubes. The 16-oz water bottle features a convenient tight fitting push-button lid, so you can easily open it with one hand, as well as a safety lock for your protection. The durable SlickSteel finish is corrosion resistant and repels stains. It also traps heat on the inside, so you won’t have to worry about hot beverages burning your hands. The slim design easily fits in cup holders and the bottle can be completely taken apart for a thorough cleaning.

This bottle is available in two sizes and various colors to match your style. It is recommended by Good Housekeeping, Consumer Search, Cook’s Illustrated, LifeHacker, Tested, The Wirecutter, and The Sweethome.

Currently $33.75 at Amazon

4. FNova 20 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

FNova Bottle is a generic version with practically the same design as the widely popular Hydro Flask, yet at a cheaper price.

F Nova is very affordable and a well-built bottle. The insulation performs just as well as more expensive insulated bottles. Unfortunately, it lacks a wide-mouth option.

Already well priced, the Fnova includes three changeable lids with every purchase: a straw lid, a sports cap, and a stylish bamboo lid. If you goal is to find the most value for the money, the Fnova is a worthy selection.

Currently $27.95 at Amazon

5. Thermos Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle

The Thermos Vacuum Insulated 18-oz Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle features vacuum insulation technology, which keeps drinks cold for 12 hours and can also maintain hot temperatures for hours. It is BPA-free and has a durable, unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior. It has a slip resistant silicone grip and is condensation-free, so it won’t leave any rings behind. The top can be screwed off so that you have plenty of space to include ice cubes. It features a convenient push-button lid, easily opened with one hand. The spout has a hygienic cover and a locking ring for enhanced safety. It is well designed, leak-proof, has no metallic taste, and fits in most cup holders.

Currently $23.98 at Amazon

5 Best Stainless Steel Water Bottles for 2016. Stainless steel reusable water bottles are long-lasting, can keep your water cold for hours, easy to clean, and are an eco-friendly option. Learn more at 31Daily.com.

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  1. Great post! Stainless steel bottles are not only convenient, but they are also free from harmful chemicals.

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