7 Top Garden Perennials New for 2016

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tb_Allium 'Windy City'

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We’ve listed our top 7 favorite perennials newly out for 2016 that you’ll want to add to your garden this spring.

Lychnis 'Petite Jenny'Lychnis ‘Petite Jenny’

‘Petite Jenny’ is a new dwarf form of an easy-to-grow wildflower commonly called ragged robin. Its double pink flowers blend easily with other perennials in the garden, attracting butterflies throughout the summer. It’s a charming and deer-resistant cut flower, reblooming reliably if deadheaded.

Plant Name: Lychnis flos-cuculi ‘Petite Jenny’

Growing Conditions: full sun

Size: 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide

Zone: 3-9

Grow it with: irises and creeping phlox

Image: Blooms of Bressingham


Festuca 'Cool As Ice'Festuca ‘Cool As Ice’

In wet, humid summer climates, blue fescues typically wilt into unattractive brown mats. ‘Cool As Ice’ lives up to its name, staying bright and sharp even under the stress of heat and humidity. Selected for the best color under these conditions, it also sports tawny brown flowers throughout late summer in stark contrast to its rich aquamarine foliage. Plant in well-drained soils for best performance.

Plant Name: Festuca ‘Cool As Ice’

Growing Conditions: full sun to part shade

Size: 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide

Zone: 4-8

Grow it with: purple knautia and artemisia

Image: Intrinsic Perennial Gardens


Eryngium 'Neptune's Gold'Eryngium ‘Neptune’s Gold’

What’s not to love about the first golden-leaf version of sea holly? ‘Neptune’s Gold’ earned rave reviews at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in 2014 and is now available to gardeners in the U.S. Bright yellow, spiny leaves emerge in spring and fade to chartreuse, followed in summer by steely blue flowers surrounded with silver and gold bracts. Like many eryngiums, this showstopper grows best on the dry side, forming a sharp and colorful statement along sidewalks or driveways.

Plant Name:Eryngium x zabelli ‘Neptune’s Gold’

Growing Conditions: full sun

Size: 24 inches tall and 10 inches wide

Zone: 4-9

Grow it with: California poppies and ornamental sages

Image: Plants Nouveau

Pennisetum 'Ginger Love'Pennisetum ‘Ginger Love’

Plan for a garden makeover this season with bold plantings of this hot new ornamental grass called ‘Ginger Love’. Fizzy red flowers explode from vigorous clumps of this durable, long-lived perennial and last from late summer through fall. This plant thrives in a variety of soils but grows best with good drainage. Deadhead in late fall to limit reseeding.

Plant Name:Pennisetum ‘Ginger Love’

Growing Conditions: full sun to part shade

Size: 2-3 feet tall and wide

Zone: 5-9

Grow it with: purple top verbena and anemones

Image: Intrinsic Perennial Gardens

Allium 'Windy City'Allium ‘Windy City’

Alliums are all the rage right now for their playful, geometric flower clusters and hardworking personalities. ‘Windy City’ is a new, best-in-class dwarf variety that’s perfect for containers or mass plantings. Deer- and rodent-proof, these purple lollipops add a playful note to the garden while tolerating drought and clay soils. Not only do they provide four weeks of summer color, but the seed heads persist for brilliant winter interest.

Plant Name: Allium ‘Windy City’

Growing Conditions: full sun to part shade

Size: 15-18 inches tall

Zone: 4-9

Grow it with: little bluestem and cranesbill

Image: Intrinsic Perennial Gardens


Crocosmia 'Dragonfire'Crocosmia ‘Dragonfire’

Crocosmia ‘Dragonfire’ brings a whole new level of red hot to small gardens. Vigorous and compact, ‘Dragonfire’ won’t flop where others flailed, multiplying to form dense clumps of arching stems loaded with flowers in mid- to late summer. It’s a magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies, while not ranking high with deer or rabbits. In colder climates, plant ‘Dragonfire’ as the star performer in your container garden for a hint of subtropical flair.

Plant Name: Crocosmia ‘Dragonfire’

Growing Conditions: full sun

Size: 26 inches tall and 30 inches wide

Zone: 7-9

Grow it with: pineapple lilies and coneflowers

Image: Terra Nova Nurseries


Lavandula 'Meerlo'Lavandula ‘Meerlo’

You won’t find another lavender that tolerates heat, humidity, and drought as well as ‘Meerlo’. Plus, every time you brush past its brightly variegated foliage, you’ll get a nose full of that classic lavender aroma. This vigorous new herb holds its leaves all season and performs well in a variety of soils, unlike other lavenders. In colder climates, ‘Meerlo’ makes a vibrant container specimen.

Plant Name: Lavandula x allardi ‘Meerlo’

Growing Conditions: full sun

Size: 12 inches tall and wide

Zone: 9-11

Grow it with: rosemary and ornamental oregano

Image: Plant Development Services, Inc.

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Top 7 New Perennials to Plant Now: Allium Windy City

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