8 Pantry Foods for Healthy Shiny Hair

8 Foods Straight From Your Pantry for Healthy, Shinny Hair @31Daily.com.

Healthy, shiny hair is the hallmark not only of warm seasons, but all year long.

It is never more important than in the summer, however. Hours spent in the sun and heat can have a drying effect that will leave hair fuzzy and brittle.

To counteract sun damage, Cynthia Pasquella, certified clinical nutritionist, says these foods, straight from your pantry, will give you glossy, healthy strands of hair.

1. Asparagus

“This veggie is densely packed with folic acid, a B-complex vitamin that helps the body utilize protein better, getting it to your hair faster,” says Pasquella. “Just one cup of asparagus has over half of your daily requirement, important since not enough can cause thinning hair.” It also speeds up hair growth.

2. Garbanzo Beans

“Since hair is primarily made up of the protein, keratin, it’s important to get enough protein to fight off hair breakage and loss,” explains Pasquella. “These beans, also known as chickpeas, provide tons along with the trace mineral manganese. It’s known to prevent changing pigmentation, a.k.a. gray hair!”

3. Lentils

“They’re an ideal source of iron, which is so important for full, lustrous locks,” exclaims Pasquella. “Iron helps bring oxygen to the hair follicles, leading to growth and fullness. This is especially key if you have thin hair.”

4. Tomatoes

“These are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant which helps maintain levels of collagen,” says Pasquella. “Keep yours high by including tomatoes in your diet. They’re actually more potent when cooked, so enjoy them roasted or in your favorite homemade marinara!”

5. Avocado

“Long touted as the miracle hair food, they’re high in vitamins B and E which promote a healthy scalp and the growth of new strands,” says Pasquella. “They’re also full of healthy, monounsaturated fats to plump up and moisturize hair follicles. Talk about shine!”

6. Blueberries

“Berries are one of the best sources of antioxidants,” Pasquella notes. “They keep hair youthful and vibrant by fighting off the free radicals that can cause graying or brittle texture.”

7. Raw Honey

“The sweet stuff is a humectant which holds on to water molecules,” explains Pasquella. “Look for raw honey, straight from the source, for the most benefits. Add a teaspoon to smoothies or spread some over whole wheat toast for shiny, moisturized tresses.”

8. Cilantro

“This herb works wonders for hair loss!” exclaims Pasquella. “It works as a purifying agent to rid the body of toxic metals quickly. A good thing, since they can stop nutrients from getting to your scalp, resulting in hair loss and dull strands.”

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