9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Sell on Ebay

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It’s spring cleaning at our house. I begin these projects with a ton of optimism and seem to whimper out half way through. This year we’ve determined to reduce our storage. I tend to find meaning in all things old and familiar.

As I’m combing through boxes of memorabilia from the past, I’ve asked myself countless times whether I should sell this or that item on Ebay.

And then I came across this article that opens the mind to of all kinds of possibilities when it comes to selling on Ebay. I will admit — some of these are quite entertaining and definitely enlightening.

Flipping Income, a blog about helping people buy and sell items for profit lists the following examples of 9 things you didn’t know you could sell on Ebay.

1. Empty Boxes

Yes, empty boxes sell on eBay. And when I say sells, I mean sells for big money. Boxes for toys, dolls, game systems, tablets, phones, can all go for anywhere between $10-50 dollars. Why would anyone buy empty boxes? There are a number of reasons but the two most common reasons are for people looking return their item back to the store or for those who needs a display box. Bet you never thought about selling empty boxes huh?

2. Power Cords

If you’re like me or the millions of other people with gadgets, you probably have a drawer or box full of misc random power cords. Old or unused power cords for iPods, iPads, micro and nano USB, video game systems, computers, proprietary camera cords, etc. will often sell for big bucks. The hard part is knowing which cord is for what but if you have the time to track them down, it can be well worth it.

3. Instruction Manuals

Almost every instruction manuals can be found online these days but many older manuals may not. The people looking for older manuals may want to educate themselves on whatever the manual is for or they want to complete a set so they can sell their item for more. Whatever the case, it means making money for you.

4. Old Driver CDs

Remember the old AOL days where they handed CDs to anyone that would take them? Well, some of the computers, printers, or copiers from that time are still being used and it is impossible to find drivers for them online. Many people are looking for those old driver CDs so they can still use whatever device they may have from 20 years ago. Go figure.

5. Old Computer Software

Just like old driver CDs, old computer software can fetch a lot on eBay. A lot of people have drawings or files created by software that cannot be opened with modern day software. They must be opened by their original software version. Those makers could have been bankrupt a long time ago or simply upgraded their software 20 times by now and simply isn’t backwards compatible. Whatever the case, various old computer software is worth a ton. The ones on floppies especially more so than CDs.

6. Remotes

Random remotes that you no longer use can fetch a good amount on eBay. The reason being a lot of people still get confused by universal remotes and would rather have the original remote to whatever TV, DVD, or audio device they may have. So if you have random remotes laying around that you know aren’t being used anymore, throw them on eBay.

7. Broken Electronics

Any electronics worth a lot new or used means they are worth something when broken. This is because there are people out there that are looking to fix them and flip or simply want to fix it to use themselves. Broken tablets, smartphones, laptops, video game systems, blenders, and other items can be sold on eBay for quite a bit of money. Just make sure you put in your listing that you’re selling your item for parts only. Make sure you don’t hide anything from your eBay auction. In fact, my post How To Make Money Fast By Flipping covers exactly how to make money by fixing cracked screen phones.

8. Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

What??? Yes, that’s right, empty toilet paper rolls are in demand because people are looking to use them for art & crafts projects. Next time you’re out of toilet paper, think about the cash waiting for you!

9. Empty Egg Cartons

Just like empty toilet paper rolls, people are looking for empty egg cartons for art & crafts projects. Not only are eggs delicious and good for you, they can also net you some cash.

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