All Natural Solution: How to Clean and Polish with Lemons


All Natural Solution: Lemons for Removing Rust and Polishing |

Do you have a favorite knife or copper pan or utensil that has a tendency to rust with continual use? I certainly do.

My nemesis is a knife … a cleaver knife to be exact. And while I have a whole drawer and knife block full, I just work best with my cleaver.

Because it’s an everyday kitchen essential, it has a tendency to rust from time to time and I hate using harsh chemicals, especially on my cooking tools.

Table salt or coarse salt and a lemon? Yes. It’s all it takes. Oh, and a little elbow grease. Smile.


Cut a lemon in half and run over the area you want to clean. Sprinkle a liberal amount of coarse salt and rub away. Your utensils will glisten. Wash, dry really well, and store. It’s that easy.

If you’re worried about scratches to a delicate piece, squeeze the lemon into a bowl and mix it with the salt to form a less-coarse paste.

Mixing lemon juice with baking soda to create a paste is also an effective cleaner to remove rust stains.

What You Need

Table salt or coarse salt


Bowl (optional)

Lacquered Copper

We do not recommend this method for lacquered copper. To tell if you have lacquered copper — if the surface of your copper pot has a shiny, glossy finish that does not change color or brown with use, it is most likely lacquered copper.

All Natural Solution: Lemons for Removing Rust and Polishing |

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