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It’s a ritual of the season, a must for Christmas cheer amidst the baking and wrapping and caroling and parties. And while we all have our preferences, did you ever wonder which movies were The Best Christmas Movies… Ever? We did too and decided to put the question to you.

Please vote in our Best Christmas Movies… Ever! poll and let us know what you think. Which movies would make it seem like Christmas to you? Following are 15 movies that are perennially listed as favorites. How does your favorite rank? If we missed yours, add it to the list! And next time you have a Christmas movie night, you might discover a new favorite from the list below!

And if you need a little inspiration… check out Amazon’s featured Christmas movies.

To vote, simply click the movie of your choice and scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the “vote” button.

The Best Christmas Movies… Ever! Poll

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