Cooking Software for the Cookbook Collector

I love books. I can credit my mother and our weekly and bi-weekly excursions, well … events, to our Salem, Oregon library. It was just that … an event.

So it is only natural that my love of books would extend to cookbooks as well. I own a lot of them, so does she, my mother. In fact, I have whole bookshelves in my home dedicated to them, and then some drawers, some boxes, storage unit space. Well, you catch my meaning.

And when I’m looking for a particular recipe, or idea, it takes time. Time that most likely I don’t have. And I’m not alone, obviously.

There is a new software for people like me. It’s called Eat Your Books. And they describe their unique software as, “Introducing the fastest way to find recipes in the cookbooks you own.”

Amazing, really.

Say you’re looking for a recipe you remember successfully using years ago but are not sure of which cookbook or even which author and you’ve no time to hunt. Most likely you search online for something similar and compromise.

There are now other options for time challenged cooks. Just like online recipe sites, within seconds, rather than minutes, you can search your entire collection of cookbooks, magazines and even favorite blogs, digitally, and all recipes with similar ingredients to the recipe you’re searching for will be at your fingertips. A complete list of recipe ingredients, easily added to a digital shopping list, and the recipes source for further instruction.

Truly, it’s amazing.

While nothing can replace the joy of flipping through the sometimes stained pages of treasured cookbooks, the beautiful pictures, this website can bring to our fast-paced life, a way to put those cherished recipes back on our tables. It’s giving new life to old friends, uh … cookbooks, that is.

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