Dream Vacation Idea: Giethoorn


Dream Vacation Idea: Giethoorn at 31Daily.com

It’s kind of like a fairytale.

But this European gem really does exist.

Giethoorn is a magical village founded in 1230… and it has no roads, only waterways, canals and thatched-roof cottages… not to mention 147 bridges.

Picturesque can’t even describe the wonder of this storybook village. Transportation is limited to foot traffic and “whisper boats” with noiseless engines.

Giethoorn Tourism:

“Here in Holland’s water village of Giethoorn the loudest sound you can normally hear is the quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds.”

Ready to pack your bags? Me too.

Where is it?

Often referred to as a “Dutch Venice,” Giethoorn is in the province of Overijssel in the east of the Netherlands, “a green and still area.”

If you like quiet, picturesque charm, fairytales, and timeless history far, far from our everyday world, Giethoorn would definitely make your list.

You won’t want to miss the surrounding area of Overijssel Region and in particular Zwolle, its capital which dates to the 9th century, the District of Ommen for it’s rolling green hills, perfect for cycling, Markelo, a quaint holiday destination and most notably Lammertink family’s 500-year-old In de Kop’ren Smorre (the Copper Pot Inn), and Diepenheim, known for its 5 castles.

If you can’t visit right away, find a copy of the 1958 comedy Fanfare by Dutch filmmaker Bert Haanstra.


Image: boredpanda.com


Dream Vacation: Giethoorn
Image: boredpanda.com


Dream Vacation: Giethoorn at 31Daily.com
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Dream Vacation: Giethoorn at 31Daily.com
Image: Brightside
Dream Vacation: Giethoorn at 31Daily.com
Image: Giethoorn Tourism
Dream Vacation: Giethoorn at 31Daily.com
Image: Magda Djm

Dream Vacation: Giethoorn at 31Daily.com

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A European storybook village where there are no roads - transportation provided by whisper boats. A dream vacation. 31Daily.com

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