Great Cup of Coffee? 5 Mistakes to Avoid


Here in the Pacific Northwest, presumably, we know our coffee. And we know cold, drizzly mornings, just like the one I’m looking at outside my kitchen window. And there is truly nothing better than a perfect cup on a day like today.

Me. I’m not a great coffee maker. In fact, I have given up. But, I know where to find a great one and that has sufficed. But lately, my caffeine craving is extending beyond my regular-like-clockwork morning latte. I want coffee in the afternoon too. Let me rephrase. I need one.

My husband is a great coffee maker and when I’ve offered to make it for him, he lovingly refuses. Problem, he is not home during daylight hours.

An article caught my eye this morning while sipping my frothy, warm latte. “5 Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your Morning Coffee.” To be honest, it caught my eye because my mother forwarded it to me. I guess they don’t like my coffee attempts either. Hint. Hint.

Here are the mistakes we commonly make with every brew according to Major Cohen, project manager at Starbucks.

  1. Using tap or unfiltered water. (Cold, filtered water is the best).
  2. Storing coffee beans in the freezer. (Guilty). It draws moisture and reduces flavor. He asks, “Would you put fresh fish in the freezer?” Well … I’ll not answer that either.
  3. Wrong Measurement: Not using enough coffee per cup.  General rule of thumb: 2 rounded tablespoons per 6 ounces of water. If you don’t use enough, the brew will be bitter and watery. If you require weaker coffee, add water to your cup instead of using less coffee beans.
  4. Using the wrong grind. Follow the directions of your coffee machine, whether it be a French Press, espresso machine or average coffee maker. Using the wrong grind will either block the water into your coffee or allow it to run more freely than it should.
  5. Using too much coffee. More is better right? Wrong, says Cohen. Too much coffee will result in under-extration. The result? It will be stronger but also very, very bitter.

You know, who couldn’t use a second cup in the morning? I’m off to try these tips after I retrieve my coffee beans from the freezer.

Enjoy your day.

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