Month by Month Bargains: What to Buy Now

Stretching the dollar
Stretching the dollar

A growing population of Americans are spending more time researching and cost comparing consumer goods than every before.

And deals are out there to be had. It pays to be smart and plan ahead. Some of the savings seems like nickles and dimes, but it is astonishing at how quickly they add up when looking at your financial year in review.

MSN Money has compiled a useful list of “Saving Big Bucks, One Month at a Time.” If you’re like me and planning some larger purchases this year, you may want to check this out. I’ve printed this month-by-month guide for finding those bargains and will plan accordingly!


Month by Month Bargain Guide:

Televisions: January, March, November, December
Computers: January, April, June, October
Digital Cameras: March, April, October, September

bedding, carpeting, CD’s, cookware, computers, DVD’s, homes, linens, swimwear, televisions, toys, treadmills, ellipticals, winter clothing

homes, humidifiers, indoor furniture, treadmills, ellipticals

digital cameras, humidifiers, small consumer electronics, televisions, winter coats, winter sports gear

computers, digital cameras, lawn mowers, spring clothing

athletic apparel and shoes, camping and outdoor gear, carpeting, cordless phones, lawn mowers, small consumer electronics

camcorders, carpeting, computers, indoor furniture, small consumer electronics, summer sports gear, swimwear

camcorders, indoor and outdoor furniture, swimwear

air conditioners, backpacks, dehumidifiers, lawn mowers, outdoor furniture, snow blowers

bikes, digital cameras, gas grills, lawn mowers, outdoor plants, small consumer electronics, snow blowers

bikes, digital cameras, computers, gas grills, lawn mowers, winter coats

baby products, bikes, camcorders, gas grills, GPS navigators, televisions, tools, toys, (during Black Friday sales)

bikes, camcorders, gas grills, GPS navigators, holiday decor (after Dec. 25), home appliances, small consumer electronics, televisions, tools, toys

Month-by-Month Bargain Guide by MSN Money


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