2023 Summer Recipe Challenge with Prizes

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If you’re looking for a fun activity this season, join us for a simple Summer Recipe Challenge and be eligible to win Amazon gift cards. A perfect excuse to indulge in that item you’ve been eyeing all season!

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Summer is all about gatherings, from backyard BBQs to block parties, family reunions, picnics, and last-minute, impromptu gatherings of friends and family.

What is a Summer Recipe Challenge?

So many of you who participated in our Spring Recipe Challenge asked me to do it again!

After polling our mailing list and our Facebook and Instagram friends, a substantial majority said “Yes” to a summer recipe challenge.

But because the season is short, schedules vary… and it’s more about fun, vacations, and relaxed living, we’re simplifying the challenge!

How to Enter the Summer Recipe Challenge

  • Make a 31Daily recipe.
  • Gift a recipe.
  • Email a photo to recipechallenge@31daily.com with the recipe’s name in the subject line.
  • If gifting food, email a photo of the food you’re giving to recipechallenge@31daily.com.

How to Participate in the Summer Recipe Challenge

Here’s how we’re simplifying the challenge.

There are two ways to be eligible to win one of two $100 Amazon gift cards.

1. Make any 31Daily.com recipe

That’s it… any recipe you choose on the website. There will be one winner, randomly selected from entries for this category.

2. Gifting Food

There is nothing we love more than brightening someone’s day with a gift of homemade food. All you need to do with this challenge is make food and give it to someone with any recipe you wish.

Ideas for gifting food:

  • Cookies for a neighbor.
  • Making a meal for someone who needs a helping hand. Ideas might be the birth of a new baby, a rough patch in their life, sickness, or just letting them know they are on your mind.
  • Sharing teatime with friends.
  • Inviting friends for dinner.

How to Enter the Summer Recipe Challenge

  1. For the 31Daily Recipe Challenge: Email a photo of your completed recipe to recipechallenge@31Daily.com with the recipe’s name in the subject line.
    Prize: $100 Amazon gift card.
  2. For the Gifting Food Challenge: Email a photo of the food you made for someone else to recipechallenge@31Daily.com.
    Prize: $100 Amazon gift card.
  3. For a bonus entry after emailing the photo, please leave a rating on the recipe you made using the same email address so I can count you twice!

Entry Deadline

The Recipe Challenge begins Thursday June 1, 2023, and will conclude Wednesday, July 5, 2023 at 11:59 PST.

More Recipe Challenge Details

How are winners chosen?
Winners will be selected randomly from individual recipe entries (both email entries and rating entries). The photo quality doesn’t matter, as winners are chosen randomly!

How are prizes awarded?
Once a winner is randomly selected, I will contact you through the email you provided on July 6, 2023 and the gift cards will be shipped to you at a U.S. address.

One prize per winner is allowed.

Who can enter?
Prizes are limited to U.S. residents.

Kicking Off the Summer Recipe Challenge

I’m so very thrilled to see what you’re cooking this summer!


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  1. Can I submit one of your recipes but with tweeks and modifications? Would it still be eligible for the contest? I don’t mean to completely rearrange the recipe just if a substitute ingredient is used, is that ok? Thank you

    1. Absolutely! Make any tweaks and modifications you want. I always love to hear about the modifications that worked for you— but not at all necessary for the Challenge!

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