What to Cook (Feb 24-28): Healthy 20 Minute Dinners

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What to Cook (Feb 24-28): Healthy 20 Minute Dinners

Five weeknights of healthy 20 minute dinners, perfect for late winter. And appropriate for the beginning of the Lenten season. It’s what’s for dinner this week!

It’s an interesting food week to plan meals for. Much like the highs and lows and in-betweens.

That’s how I look at it.

This week marks Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, and Ash Wednesday. Food choices depend on how you choose to celebrate. 

As you know, Tuesday is a feasting day before Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning a 40-day observance before Easter.

Lent is a season where Catholics and even mainline Protestants dedicate 40 days to healthy, simple foods. For many it’s a season of fasting, giving up meat and sweets. And sometimes other things.

The Sun,” a UK Newspaper, wrote a great article on observing Lent, Ash Wednesday, and fasting. 

These 40 days are a season of reflection, spiritual renewal, forgiveness, and prayer. A time to refocus and reset. A time to get ready for Easter. 

Thoughts Behind This Week’s Meal Plan


If you’re observing Lent, Monday is a night of healthy feasting with a delicious but easy 20-minute pork chop dinner.


Tuesday is a day called by many names. Perhaps the most descriptive term is “Fat Tuesday.” It’s a day to empty the kitchen, pantry, refrigerator of all that is unhealthy. A day simply set aside to feast. 

I like to celebrate two ways; with the Cajun French and with the British. We’re making a delicious Instant Pot jambalaya that’s a tad bit healthy.

We’re also celebrating Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, as is often celebrated in Great Britain. These simple pancakes are made without leavening and are incredibly delicious. 

Ash Wednesday:

Many Lenten observers fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. And refrain from meat. Fish is not included in the “meat” category.

I’ve often read the Lent season is about eating simple foods. For Wednesday, I’m serving a simple fish dish with a few, healthy ingredients. 

Going forward, I’ll be planning seafood dishes on Fridays.

Healthy 20 Minute Dinners

This week is all about healthy 20 minute dinners inspired by late winter tastes. The weather is still cold in most parts, but the days are lengthening. I’m thinking about ingredients like lemons and fresh greens… and yes, warmer days to come.

Have a great week everyone!

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What to Eat This Week: Healthy 20 Minute Dinners

Monday: Pork Chops with Garlic Spinach
Tuesday: Instant Pot Jambalaya
Wednesday: Garlicky Lemon Baked Tilapia
Thursday: 20 Minute Healthy Chili
Friday: Maple Glazed Salmon with Greens
Treat: GF DF Cinnamon Raisin Bread

What to Cook (Feb 24-28): Healthy 20 Minute Dinners

Five weeknights of healthy 20 minute dinners, perfect for late winter. And for the beginning of the Lenten season. It's what's for dinner this week!

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  1. Good morning, I am gluten free and soy free and that recipe of raisin cinnamon bread sounds amazing I’m all for gluten free recipes I’m going to make this when I can get to the store for raisins,our weather today is snow and snow and very cold and windy. Thx have a blessed week Cindy from Colorado

    1. Stay warm Cindy! I thought about you when I posted this for the week! We’re stormy today too with no power. I’m out looking for a cup of warm coffee ??!

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