New Essentials of French Cooking and 10 Recipes You Should Master

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New Essentials of French Cooking and 10 Recipes You Should Master |

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The New Essentials of French Cooking by New York Times food writer and author Melissa Clark is a “premium content,” next-generation cookbook. It features 10 modern recipes for classic French dishes that every modern cook should master.

With step-by-step video instruction, culinary history, and technique tips, readers will master classic French recipes from omelets to stunning soufflés and cassoulets.


The New Essentials

Master the techniques and flavors of French cooking with 10 recipes to add to your regular rotation.


1 | Omelet

Beaten eggs, gently cooked in butter, and folded into a tender package

2 | Quiche

A savory tart of silky egg custard baked in a buttery pastry shell

3 | Sole Meunière

A succulent fillet of white fish, lightly sautéed in clarified butter

4 | Ratatouille

A medley of summer vegetables, stewed together and scented with garlic and herbs

5 | Coq au Vin

Chicken braised in red wine with bacon, onions and mushrooms

6 | Steak

Classic, comforting French bistro fare, seared and served with a red wine sauce


7 | Tagine

A meat and vegetable stew, deeply spiced and sweetened with dried fruit


8 | Pommes Anna

A crisp, savory cake made of thinly sliced potatoes, layered and coated in butter

9 | Cassoulet

A luscious casserole of aromatic beans baked with cured and roasted meats

10 | Soufflé

An ethereal dish made by combining beaten egg whites and a flavorful base

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