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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Stephanie, and I’ve been writing since I could hold a crayon between two fingers — left fingers, that is.

I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband of more than 20 years and our son who keeps our life hopping! A college student, an athlete, and an all-around social guy who is super tall, super sweet, and the love of my life. Well, I’m fond of his father, my husband, too. But I’ll stop there. You know how moms love their kids.

A U.S. Northwest native by birth, I love where we live and exploring the incredible natural beauty surrounding us. Though we appreciate our home, we love to explore communities all over the world and get a fresh taste of the food, culture, natural habitat – and history! We are lovers of history, and often, you will find that thread woven into what I write. I can’t help it, it’s part of my DNA. Something, it seems, we’ve passed to our son.

My Background

I have worked in television and media for years, producing nationally syndicated television programs for CBS and other affiliates, a television series on teenage suicide, which won a national Angel Award for excellence in the media, written news copy, and produced news for a local CBS affiliate.

I’ve also spent years working with nonprofit and humanitarian organizations, specifically in directing marketing programs, campaigns, writing, and special event planning.

The event planning was incredibly fun and rewarding! My most memorable event, while there are many, was directing a Centennial Celebration for George Fox University. All of my historical love was poured into that event, which drew thousands upon thousands. Quilts, spinners, antique car shows, horse-drawn carriages, and hot air balloons. Sigh. It’s fun to remember it even now.

For university — I stayed close to home. I earned both of my degrees from Seattle Pacific University in history and communications.

I Love to Write

Did I mention I love to write? The crayons and all. I’ve written two novels with another one currently in the works and a Genealogy Notebook, one of my favorite past times. I’ve authored “Whispers of the Heart,” “Home for Christmas,” and “Our Schell Family: A Genealogy Notebook,” which won an award from the National Germans From Russia Historical Society. The work in progress is “Treasures of the Heart,” a prequel to Whispers.

Creating a home is a passion for me. Whether that be cooking meals or treats or decorating or organizing. My fourth book, “Easy Steps to an Organized Life,” is a manual on keeping our home organized. It has to be easy; it has to be simple when life is busy. These are tips I’ve learned from years of home-keeping.

Making Home

While I’m incredibly appreciative of the blessings I’ve had professionally, nothing is more compelling than, as I said… home. It is the grounding and center of my world. I believe it’s that for my family as well. Nothing gives me greater joy, fulfillment, and a sense of accomplishment than creating a home.

We live a super active life. But I’ve found that in the busyness of life, sometimes the important pieces can get lost. As a culture, we can become consumed with tasks and lose sight of what’s really important.

Thus, 31 Daily.com.

I Love Food

I always share fresh, delicious recipes I love making and eating at home. From healthy to healthy-ish, from sweet treats to quick and easy recipes… to even what to cook for weekday dinner. You can search all of our recipes here.

Afternoon tea is a favorite respite in the middle of the day. Whether that’s at home or in a favorite tea room, here you will find plenty of inspiration and pro tips for easily hosting your afternoon tea. Or find simple-to-make recipes for finger sandwiches, savory, sweets, and scone course recipes.

And holidays. I am so excited about every holiday and every season. I spend an inordinate amount of time planning and dreaming of holidays and eagerly anticipating the coming seasons. I’m thrilled to share with you not only the thrill of the season but also the recipes, ideas, and inspirations we’ve come up with.

Let Us Know What You Love

I would love to hear about what you’re cooking, baking, and creating.

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Thanks for joining in the journey.

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