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Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas

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An Afternoon Tea isn’t complete without savory bites. Along with tea sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, preserves, and tea cakes, a well-rounded Afternoon Tea serves a smidgen of savory bites as well.

Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas | 31Daily.com

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Rituals of Afternoon Tea

As you likely know, the ritual of Afternoon Tea began when Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford and a close friend of Queen Victoria, complained of “having that sinking feeling” during the late afternoon. She needed something small, just enough to satisfy that in-between time before dinner.

Thank you, Anna, Duchess of Bedford, for this lovely ritual.

We’ve found the most beautiful Afternoon Tea Savory Recipes, most of which are easy, with make-ahead tips you’ll want to note for your next Afternoon Tea.

Whether that be for two or a gathering.

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.

Henry James

Savory Recipes for Afternoon Tea

Offering guests a selection of savory recipes for afternoon tea is a delightful way to share teatime. Look for recipes for tea sandwiches, you may like to take a look at our post, Easy Make Ahead Tea Sandwiches for more ideas.

It’s also nice to offer savory pastries with light but flavorful fillings and toppings. Cucumber, vegetables and seafood as always popular.

3 Tier Tray for Serving Afternoon Tea 31Daily.com

How to Serve Savory Recipes for Afternoon Tea

In the 19th century, the three-tiered tea tray became a convenient way and space-saving way to serve afternoon tea. of offering afternoon tea. It would have been set near the center of the table surrounded by teapots, cups, bowls, and spreads.

In early years, the top tier was reserved for scones, the middle plate held sweets like petits fours, and the bottom tier was for tea sandwiches. Guests would serve themselves from the bottom tier to the top.

Today, “the accepted rule of thumb generally remains that the food is served from the bottom tier up. This emphasis on course order makes etiquette easy, as well as provides the aesthetic benefit of a full top tier throughout tea.”

Imagination and creativity now replace some of the ideas held for savories in customized arrangements best suited to the gathering.

For instance, the savory tier can combine tea sandwiches, quiches, pastries, and other savories too.

While the tiered tray makes serving tea offerings easy, tea trays can be a pedestal arrangement of a dinner plate, salad plate, and bread-and-butter plate or like-sized plates easily slid into position in a wrought-iron serving rack.” The beauty of tea trays is that it gives food height, saves space and gives a “graceful nod to 19th-century tradition.”

Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites

Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Recipes and Ideas

For elegant, easy, and delicious savory finger foods to occupy the bottom tier or your tea server. For placement of foods on a 3-Tier serving platter, see our “How to Serve an Afternoon Tea.”

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