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Spring Afternoon Tea: Easy Recipes and Ideas

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Celebrate the season with an easy Spring Afternoon Tea. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, as is a host of spring gatherings, brunches, wedding showers, and of course, tea parties. We’ve gathered beautiful and delicious spring-appropriate, easy recipes, along with tea and tablescape ideas. 

Spring Chintz Teacup on a Spring Afternoon Tea Table

And as we’re waiting for the spring blooms, planning our next tea, take time for yourself to get inspired, to plan… and to dream. With tea, of course!

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Planning Spring Gatherings with Blue and White Tea Service and Croissants

Gather your friends and family for special spring occasions, whether that be for Mother’s Day, brunch, Easter, a wedding shower, breakfast, or a special birthday.

Easter Afternoon Tea

Serve with a spring favorite tea service, or simply something beautiful and white.

It’s said that “A well-brewed pot of tea and a teatime menu filled with fresh herbs, fruit, and other springtime delights are all you need to complete the celebration.”

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Gorgeous individual arrangements are a beautiful addition that can also serve as place cards. Gather spring blooms like ranunculus and even early blooming roses to add that extra special touch. 

PHOTO CREDIT: www.teatimemagazine.com

Tea Pairs for Spring Afternoon Tea

Earl Gray Tea: Dessert

Earl Gray Tea is one of the best known black tea blends in the world. With its fruity and even sweet citrusy flavor, it pairs beautifully with the sweets course.

Chamomile Tea: Scones and Desserts

Chamomile is a caffeine-free herbal tea. It has an apple-like flavor which makes it pair well with the scones course and the sweets course.

Mint Tea: Tea Sandwiches and Chocolate

Mint Tea, or Peppermint Tea, is a suburb choice for serving with tea sandwiches, chocolate, and fruit-filled sweets.

White Tea: Scones and Sponge Cakes

White Tea is naturally sweet with a somewhat strong flavor. It’s best to avoid serving White Tea with strongly flavored foods but is delicious with lightly flavored scones and sponge cakes.

Lavender Tea: 

Lavender Tea is a common Afternoon Tea selection. And is often used as ingredients for scones, sweets, and other baked goods. 

Oolong Tea: Salty and Savory Course

Oolong tea has a complex flavor that it pairs beautifully with the savory course or tea snacks that lend toward salty. 

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An Easy Spring Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea Recipes and Ideas at 31Daily

Hosting an Afternoon Tea or gathering of friends doesn't have to be intimidating and it doesn't have to be difficult. We've gathered some easy recipes and ideas for your next tea.

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