November One Pot Dinners: What to Cook (Nov 7)

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This week’s menu features November One Pot Dinners that are packed with savory flavors, cozy hearty, and healthy food, and easy cleanup for the cook. This week you will see recipes from one pot Native American stew, to sheet pan and skillet dinners and an easy seasonal pasta you’ll love.

Top view of Spanish Chicken and Potatoes for November One Pot Dinners

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What is Three Sisters Stew?

Monday’s dinner is a dish I can’t wait to make. It’s called Three Sisters Stew. You may be familiar with the method of Three Sisters Gardening.

This stew recipe honors that tradition of both gardening and meals that centuries of Native American people have enjoyed.

It’s a healthy delicious meal rather perfect to make in November or as a side dish for Thanksgiving.

November One Pot Dinners: What’s on the Menu

As mentioned, Monday’s dinner is a one pot stew with eons of historical significance. It might be a great side dish for Thanksgiving, so you can preview it this week!

On Tuesday’s we’re featuring another one pot meal inspired by meals made in Sevilla, Spain. Hearty and delicious with Spanish flavors you’ll love. Add healthy greens to round out the meal.

For Wednesday we’re polishing off our trusty skillet for a simple Asian-inspired noodle dish with ground pork and bok choy. It’s simple, healthy, and very versatile. In fact, feel free to switch up the ground pork for beef, turkey, or chicken. Although I love the flavor of ground pork in this dish.

Thursday’s seafood dinner is an easy and flavorful sheet pan salmon dish with fork tender broccoli– all made on one pan!

Friday’s meal is a fun take on classic mac and cheese. I’ve added warm spices to make this a fall favorite my family’s been enjoying.

Have a wonderful week!

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November One Pot Dinners: What to Cook (Nov 7)

November One Pot Dinners: What to Cook (Nov 7)

This week's menu features November One Pot Dinners, packed with savory flavors, cozy hearty and healthy food, and easy cleanup for the cook.

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