Quick and Easy DIY Football Party Gear

md_DIY Football Bags and Mason Jars


With the football season kicking into high gear, from the NFL to NCAA, to local high schools, tailgating, BBQ’s and gatherings are on the horizon.

Create fun and festive accompaniments that will set your party ahead of the rest with these easy and quick DIY party treatments and root for your favorite team in style.

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Football Bags and Mason Jars




• Brown Paper Lunch Bags

• Mason Jars

• White Duct Tape

• Scissors

How to:

Cut a brown paper bag in half. White white tape to form football laces.

For each bag:

• Cut four 2-inch strips

• Cut one 5-inch strip

For each mason jar:

• Cut three 2-inch strips

• Cut one 5-inch strip

Apply the 5-inch strip vertically to each half bag and each mason jar. Attach the 2-inch strip horizontally along the vertical strip, leaving gaps at both ends of the strip and between the 2-inch strips.

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