April Clean Eating Dinners: What to Cook (April 4)

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These healthy April Clean Eating Dinners are packed with spring ingredients, lots of flavors, and are quick and easy for weeknight dinners.

April Clean Eating Dinners: What to Cook (April 4)

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Welcome to April 2022. While our weather is still chilly, I walked this morning with 5 layers (my husband thinks I’m crazy, but it’s cold to me), there is hope on the horizon.

Warm weather is soon to arrive in my neck of the woods, and may already be in full swing where you are.

I hope so. I hope your days are healthy, brightened with sunshine, and filled with delicious, fresh foods that make you strong and are delicious too.

That’s what is on the menu this week. Clean eating foods that are delicious, family-friendly, and take very little time to make.

What Does Eating Clean Mean?

Clean eating simply means you’re choosing to obtain nutrition from whole and minimally processed foods.

Choose Clean Eating foods like these:

  • Produce: Add lots of vegetables and fruit to your daily diet, even starchy veggies like potatoes, and bananas.
  • Meat and poultry: Choose organic, chicken, turkey, pork, and grass-fed beef when possible.
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Nuts & Seeds: This also includes nut butter and milk, such as almond, coconut, cashew, flaxseed and oat milk. Here’s an easy way to make your own oat milk at home in 5 minutes!
  • Oils: Limit oils but when using, olive, avocado, and coconut oils are good choices.
  • Coffee and tea: I can’t live without these!

I also serve a variety of dairy, like cheese and especially Greek yogurt during the week. And grains are a staple for us but I choose whole grains like oatmeal, rice, quinoa, farro, and corn.

Have a great week!

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April Clean Eating Dinners: What to Cook (April 4)

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