Celebrating a Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

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On the first Saturday in May, thousands of fans gather at Churchill Downs to celebrate thoroughbred horses and Southern charm and culture.

Celebrating a Kentucky Derby Party | 31Daily.com

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And countless thousands more who can’t be in Kentucky celebrate virtually. I would be one of those thousands. While I’ve been to Churchhill Downs, just not during the Kentucky Derby. It’s on my bucket list.

A favorite excuse to throw a party, here are some ideas for traditional Derby fare.

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

Easy and Traditional Recipes for a Kentucky Derby Party

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Kentucky Chocolate Pecan Pie

Southern Tradition: Kentucky Derby Chocolate Pecan Pie | 31Daily.com

A traditional Kentucky Derby dessert with a deep history.

The Kentucky Hot Brown

Vertical view of a Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich with Crispy Bacon

Traditional serving from the original Brown Hotel.

Kentucky Burgoo

Celebrating a Kentucky Derby Party | 31Daily.com

A slow-cooked Derby traditional offering featuring a spicy blend of meat, potatoes, and vegetables.

More Kentucky Derby Recipes and Ideas

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