Easy October Savory Dinners: What to Cook (Oct 26)

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Weeknight Dinner Meal Plan: With Halloween on Saturday, we’re making dinner fun with these easy October Savory Dinners. All of which can be on the table in 30 minutes or less. 

Green Shakshuka for Easy October Savory Dinners: What to Cook (Oct 26)

I honestly can’t believe we’re entering the last week of October! For a year where most of us are staying home — you’d think the days would pass more slowly. 

Apparently not! In the blink of an eye… October and maybe even the entire year seems to have flown past.

So here we go, Halloween is here! And for me, it is always the gateway to the holidays. Like a locked door that is suddenly opened. Everything holiday-related is cleared and ready for takeoff.

November 1st is all about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you, Halloween, for switching that light to green! 

At my house, Christmas movies, music, decorations, baking, shopping, writing… are going 24/7. 

But for now, this week — we’re celebrating the end of October!

Here’s what we have on the menu board!

Easy October Savory Dinners

We’re celebrating the last week of October with incredible savory flavors and warm and hearty dinners.

While these dinners look incredible, they are simple and easy to make.

Monday begins with a gorgeous Green Shakshuka with eggs. Tuesday’s savory dinner is a simple Southernwestern Chicken Quinoa dish that becomes super easy if you meal prep chicken and quinoa over the weekend.

On Wednesday, we’re cooking take-out favorite, Dan Dan Noodles — which makes me hungry as I write this menu. Thursday is a super easy, flavorful sheet pan salmon, and Friday is healthy turkey chili.

In my family, chili and Halloween belong together!

If you’re a fan of Peanut Butter Cups, you’ll love the treat on Friday.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Easy October Savory Dinners: What to Cook (Oct 26)

Monday: Green Shakshuka
Tuesday: Southwestern Chicken Quinoa
Wednesday: Dan Dan Noodles
Thursday: Sheet Pan Salmon
Friday: Instant Pot Turkey Chili
Treat: Halloween Fudgy Brownies

Easy October Savory Dinners: What to Cook (Oct 26)

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