Easy Steps to an Organized Life in 31 Days: Vehicles (Day 29)

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Easy Steps to an Organized Life in 31 Days: Vehicles (Day 29) | 31Daily.com

Day 29: Vehicles

Vehicles are our home away from home, a traveling office whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom, grandparent or student.

And just like our office or home, maybe even more so since it seems we spend countless hours in them, they must be organized and functional.

The best news is… the steps are easy.

Easy Steps to Organize Your Vehicle

1. Eliminate

Take everything out of your car, toss garbage, empty bottles of Prell, yesterday’s latte cup, empty wrappers and so on.

Pile everything into a box or bin that is presently in the vehicle and that you plan to keep.

2. Clean and Vacuum

Thoroughly clean and vacuum every inch of the vehicle, including the trunk and between the seats. And while you’re at it, anything that is removable, take out and clean like drink holders, etc. Clean the windows too.

3. Organize


For vehicles carrying precious cargo — children — place seat-organizers with their favorite car toys, books and travel games.

Glove Compartment/Console:

Store owners manual, vehicle registration, auto club number, flashlight, notepad and pen, tire gage, napkins, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and other needed items.

Peter Walsh also recommends: 

Emergency Kit:

Purchase or make an emergency kit for your vehicle and store it in the trunk or the rear of the car. Include booster cables, a tire gauge, flares, reflective tape, a help sign, a screwdriver, pliers, a first aid kit, work gloves, a blanket, an old towel or rags, a jug of water and motor oil.

Survival Kit:

Put together a survival kit, especially if you live in a cold-weather climate. Include candles, waterproof matches, energy bars or candy bars, large plastic garbage bags, and rubber bands. Keep larger items, such as cat litter (for slippery roads), a collapsible shovel, an extra blanket and heavy socks, hats and mittens (enough for several passengers), in a duffel bag or tub in the truth or rear of the car.


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Easy Steps to an Organized Life in 31 Days or Less (Amazon.com)

Easy Steps to an Organized Life in 31 Days | 31Daily.com

Vehicle Organization Inspirations

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