Fall Mediterranean Diet Dinners: What to Cook (Sept 26)

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Healthy Fall Mediterranean Diet Dinners are on the menu this week as we begin a new season. We’re cooking simple weeknight dinners from filling soups to lean meats, seafood, and plenty of vegetables too. Plus we’ll take a brief look at how to adopt a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Herbed salmon for Fall Mediterranean Diet Dinners: What to Cook (Sept 26)

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How to Eat on the Mediterranean Diet and Making It a Lifestyle

There’s a reason so many of us love to eat the Mediterranean Diet. Not only does it feature healthy foods that are fresh and even simple recipes, it’s also a lifestyle. A way of living that embraces wholesome food and simple living.

Here are a few simple ways to adopt a Mediterranean Diet lifestyle:

  • Vegetables and fruits: Load up on healthy greens, vegetables, and fruits. Packed with nutrients and fiber, they’re healthy for digestion and have plenty of anti-inflammatory benefits too.
  • Seafood and lean meat: Fresh fish is a great option for the Mediterranean Diet with its healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Chicken is also a great choice that’s also rich in protein.
  • Legumes and grains: Fill out your menus by adding plenty of plant-based protein like legumes and whole grains as they provide fiber and are also filling. Not to mention, delicious!
  • Savor life: One of the most attractive aspects of a Mediterranean Diet is the lifestyle. Not only does it prescribe delicious and simple, wholesome food, but it also emphasizes a simple lifestyle. One that takes life a bit slower, encourages time spent with family and friends. It’s about simplifying and savoring life. Making time for the things that matter.

Fall Mediterranean Diet Dinners: What’s on the Menu

This week’s fall Mediterranean Diet dinners are delicious, simple and perfect for the autumn season. Packed with healthy vegetables, lean meats, seafood, legumes and grains.

Monday’s dinner is a vegetarian lentil soup packed with flavor that’s also simple to make, and one of my personal favorites!

While early fall has arrived, we’re still grilling and enjoying time outdoors. Tuesday’s dinner is a favorite Greek chicken dish that can be grilled outdoors, in a pan on the stove, or even broiled in the oven. Add all the accompaniments for a delicious, weekend-style dinner in the middle of the week.

On Wednesday, we’re making a simplified version of a French classic that my family absolutely loves. In fact, they often request it. I’m serving over creamy polenta, but pasta or a grain works just fine too.

Thursday’s seafood dinner is a quick herbed salmon. Serve with couscous or a grain and plenty of greens.

Friday’s dinner is a bit of a departure from a typical Mediterranean Diet recipe, although it’s packed with healthy vegetables. It’s is R.D. approved for a Mediterranean Diet — so enjoy!

Have a wonderful week!

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Fall Mediterranean Diet Dinners: What to Cook (Sept 26)

Healthy Fall Mediterranean Diet Dinners are on the menu this week with delicious flavors, and simple recipes, and are perfect for a new season.

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