French Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Watercolor of Paris with Eiffel Tower

If Paris isn’t in the budget, create a beautiful dinner with these quintessential French Recipes, easy to make at home. Whether it’s a dinner for two or a gathering of loved ones.

Which is often the way it is at my house. A setting for two is rare, but friends and family are always welcome around our table.

Be it Valentine’s Day… or any other day.

What makes the holiday special, for me, is anything Paris… or French. The following French recipes are classics, many by renowned chefs like Julia Child, Jacques Pépin and others.

If you want to make dinner even more authentically French, these 4 easy ideas will help bring that French flair home. 

4 Easy Ways to Create a French Inspired Valentine’s Day

For a dreamy, French Valentine’s Day, here are some easy ideas to bring France home.

1. Send a French Themed Note: – Send your loved one a hand-written note on French stationery. 

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2. Listen to French Tunes: Set the tone by playing classical French music during dinner. Here is a French music playlist we made on YouTube

And — an Amazon French music playlist here:


3. Create a French Mood: – Transport yourself to France by adding fresh or dried lavender, fresh flowers, and scented candles. The French cuisine you’ll be making will do a masterful job of bringing the essence of France home too. 

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4. Set a French Table: Use your best china or create a French bistro-type setting. Make it intimate and small with linen and cloth napkins. And by all means, light candles and dim overhead lights. 

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French Recipes Cookbooks at Amazon

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French Inspired Cookware at Amazon

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French Recipes for Valentine's Day

If Paris isn't in the budget, create a beautiful dinner with these quintessential French Recipes, easy to make at home.

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