Happy Easter: Celebrating With Your People

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Happy Easter!

Friday’s are awesome.

But Good Friday stands alone.

It’s the dawn of a beautiful weekend.

Yesterday morning, I was hurrying to get a latte, fix my seatbelt, and shuffle items left on the console by my loveable son, who doesn’t always put things where they belong.

It was early. And I had one of those moments.

Those unexpected moments creep up suddenly.

I’ve lived in our community outside Seattle for a long time. Yet sometimes the familiar can become invisible.

And my hurried morning took a pause.

A heavy mist of fog was lying at the base of our snow-capped North Cascade mountains. Mountains so close, it seemed you could almost touch them.

The air was thick with morning dew.

And then… the sun broke through. Its ray casting a brilliant light on some of the greenest grass I’ve seen in months. Blossoms were clinging to dew-laden trees lining the road, while others were still bare with only a hint of baby green leaves coming to life.

It was as if my world sparkled. A beautiful, glorious, fresh baby green world awakening with new life after the storms of winter.

A lot like an Easter Sunday morning.

I have to say… tears came to my eyes. It was that beautiful. And I thanked God for living in such a beautiful place.

I love where I live. But truthfully? If I lived in an arid desert, it would be the most beautiful place on earth. If I lived on the eastern seaboard, or the wide-open plains or sunny California… it would be the most beautiful place on earth.

Why? Because all of God’s earth is incredibly beautiful. And… it would be home.

Home makes the world beautiful. It doesn’t matter where it is. Home is where your people are. Where your nest is.

And holidays are best celebrated with the people that make up your home… or your extended home.

That’s why we made an effort to come up with fresh and beautiful ideas for Easter that are, for the most part, simple and easy.

Because after all, the food and tables and activities are only accents. The icing on the cake, so to speak. Though we love our beautiful cakes.

Our wish for you is a beautiful weekend, celebrating Easter and all it means, with the people you love. In the simplest way possible.

Holidays are a big deal to us. We believe they are momentous occasions that bookmark the scrapbook of our lives. Remembered fondly long after the decorations are put away and the food is gone.

It was once said by an unknown author:

May the spirit of hope that Easter brings,
Help you find contentment in little things,
And restore your faith in the Lord above,
Who gave His life for the ones He loves.

Happy Easter!

Don’t let the familiar become invisible. Make this holiday a beautiful bookmark!

Hug your loved ones’ extra tight and–

Have a beautiful Easter weekend!


Fresh Ideas for Home and Life

P.S. While we were shaking and swirling our speckled Easter eggs, we were munching on the lemon loaf cake. Super simple but oh-so-good!

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