November: A Month Set Aside for Joy

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November: A Month Set Aside | 31Daily.com

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November: A Month Set Aside | 31Daily.com

November is a personal month for me. A glorious span of 30 days where I will celebrate some of my greatest blessings in life.

The leaves of November will turn from their brilliant shades of October to a darker, richer, crisper version this month. They will flutter with every rain storm and every wisp of wind. They will dance in the air and circle to the ground, glorious reminders of all this year has meant.

The trees will grow dormant in preparation for winter’s finest sleep, and coming soon, snow will blanket the earth in all its splendor.

November: A Month Set Aside | 31Daily.com

An expectant month, November is. A set of 30 days to settle in, to prepare for the coming season, to contemplate the year and be grateful for the many blessings bestowed.

November might not mean that to you. It might be an overwhelming month filled with stress as you look toward the holidays, the country’s future… your family’s future.

The American culture has been stressed with one of the most adversarial political contests in our nation’s history. In fact, the APA reports that 52 percent of Americans believe this election is significantly stressful.

If that’s you – this too shall end. In mere days.

November: A Month Set Aside | 31Daily.com

Busy lifestyles, family and economic issues, relationships can all be stressful and can dominate our everyday lives, draining joy and contentment from life.

Stresses can reduce life to mere survival. Linking one day to the next. We were made for more than that.

There is an antidote to stress. There is a way out of the mire it creates. It’s called gratitude… and it always supersedes joy.

November: A Month Set Aside | 31Daily.com

And if you believe that November is merely a string of days woven together by rain and wind, with darkness descending early and leaving late, I have a challenge for you.

Spend this month of November, these next 30 days, purposefully and intentionally living and disciplining your mind to recognize and be grateful for life’s blessings, both large and small. Choose joy over survival.

November: A Month Set Aside | 31Daily.com

As I mentioned, this month is a personal month for me. I will celebrate two of my greatest blessings in life this month. Early in the month, my husband and I will celebrate out anniversary and… one week later we’ll celebrate the birth of our son… and one week later, we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving.

In the midst, we decorate for Christmas!

The world doesn’t suddenly transform into a place of peace and joy and stresses do not evaporate during celebration.

But gratitude can soothe the soul, heighten awareness of life’s blessings, and help transform mundane days into joy-filled days.

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire

In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Celebrate this month with me. Set aside the grievances of the past, delight in the future, and be thankful for each and every common day.


  1. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful for our blessings and look forward to the celebrations that are ahead of us.

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