Thanksgiving: Something to be Grateful For…

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Thanksgiving: Something to be Grateful For... | 31Daily.com

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“What if today…
we were grateful for everything?”

~ Charlie Brown

While it seems that Thanksgiving is a holiday somewhat obscured between Halloween and Christmas… it’s an occasion more important today than ever before.

Some big box stores agree and are closing their doors in honor of the holiday. Stores like Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, Ikea, Nordstrom… and a whole host of others.

Something to be grateful for.

More people than ever will travel to be with family this holiday. AAA estimates 48.7 million Americans will travel for Thanksgiving, the most since 2007!

Something to be grateful for.

But it was the Wall Street Journal, writing in post-election mode, that best describes Thanksgiving this year… “What better time to begin [healing] than Thanksgiving, which Benjamin Franklin called a day of ‘public Felicity’ to give thanks for our ‘full enjoyment of Liberty, civil and religious.’ Thanksgiving, our nation’s oldest tradition, is a moment to focus on our blessings as Americans, on what unites us, not on what divides us.”

Something to be grateful for.


Thanksgiving: Something to be Grateful For... | 31Daily.com


In 1621, a gathering of 53 Pilgrims and 90 Native Americans in Plymouth, Massachusetts forever changed the way we Americans would celebrate the fourth Thursday each November.

Edward Winslow documented that first Thanksgiving and wrote in his journal, “And although it be not always so plentiful as it was at this time with us, yet by the goodness of God, we are so far from want that we often wish you partakers of our plenty.”

Something to be grateful for… plenty.


Thanksgiving: Something to be Grateful For... | 31Daily.com


That is my prayer for you during this Thanksgiving week… that you may have plenty, that you may recognize your blessings and that gratitude will fill your heart. Perhaps the plenty is only in the love that surrounds you… but may it be enough on that day.

Enjoy your day… and hug your loved ones’ extra tight —

Have a beautiful weekend!

And Happy Thanksgiving


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  1. I’m thankful that this is still America, even though we are under threat of judicial tyranny. I just read of some judge going to have to decide if a WW I monument to honor the veterans who served in that great war, which is in the shape of a cross is some kind of violation of something or other, because some passerby started whining. Shouldn’t a judge have to first determine that some crime may have happened before they even hear a case? Where is the corpus delicti or whatever? Where were the goons in safety vests, putting up orange cones, and directing traffic over to that parking lot, and forcing people out at gunpoint to kneel at the cross there? And then we have the bakers, florists, and all that who can’t anymore bake their cakes their own way without being threatened by the aid of the state AG’s, to loose everything they are worth, and for what? What did they do wrong? How can a florist sing the songs of Zion while her hands work to “beautify” what is sin and abomination? What ever happened to the idea of LIABILITY? Someone is going to be held liable, for we do look forward to a day of judgment of our God. Do the judges today even have a clue?

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