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Easy Handmade Christmas Gifts to DIY

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If you love a handmade Christmas, or to create a few homemade holiday gift projects, these beautiful and festive handmade ideas are simple to make, easy, and so Christmasy!

Easy Handmade Christmas Gifts to DIY | 31Daily.com

Every year I try to make a few handmade gifts for friends and family members. Handmade Christmas gifts are so personal and cherished that it’s worth the time and effort to create something special.

Handmade Christmas to DIY

Better Homes & Garden Magazine have created some darling gift ideas that are both easy and economical. Here are some of my favorite ideas to get you… and I started!

Framed Monogram

A gilded frame and bold monogram make this a stunning holiday gift.

We like to place it on a shelf or bookcase for maximum impact. To create, paint the frame white and let dry.

Paint the bottom third of the frame gold and let dry. Using stencils, paint a letter and border onto cut fabric. Frame the fabric and wrap it with a gold ribbon.

Handmade Christmas Gifts to DIY | 31Daily.com

Christmas Candles

Use these doily-wrapped candles to send a personalized holiday message.

Measure the height and circumference of a candle; add 1/2 inch to each measurement.

Cut out a piece of a doily that size, centering the doily motif if desired.

Fold one long edge of the doily piece under 1/2 inch. Secure the unfolded long edge to jar with double-sided tape.

Wrap doily around the jar, overlap edges, and secure with double-sided tape under the folded edge.

Stamp a word onto a metal-rim tag with silver ink and letter stamps; let dry.

Place a line of crafts glue on the metal portion of the tag. While the glue is still wet, liberally sprinkle with silver glass glitter. Shake off excess; let dry.

Thread tag onto twine. Wrap twine around candle jar multiple times, positioning tag where desired. Tie twine ends in a bow.

Handmade Christmas Gifts to DIY | 31Daily.com

Patterned Jewelry Dish

Everyone knows a jewelry fanatic. Make sure their favorite earrings never go missing with a handmade jewelry dish.

Roll out acrylic clay (available at craft stores) to 1/4-inch thick and trace a circle or heart shape with a toothpick. Trim off excess clay with a butter knife.

Emboss clay with rubber stamps, lace, or doilies. Place a paper bowl upside down on a baking tray, and place your clay creation upside down on top, gently rounding the edges to match the bowl.

Bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Sand with fine-grit sandpaper and paint with acrylic paint if desired. Seal with decoupage medium.

Handmade Christmas Gifts to DIY | 31Daily.com

Handmade Christmas Stockings

Transform simple, undecorated stockings into personalized gifts in minutes.

Cut lengths of red and white pom-pom trim to fit around the cuff of a plain, undecorated stocking, allowing for slight overlaps.

Starting at the bottom backside of the cuff and alternating colors, wrap and glue trim around the cuff.

Cut an 18-inch length of red and an 18-inch length of cream yarn. Hold the lengths together, and tie a bow in the center. Tie each pair of tails to knotted yarn in the center of a pom-pom. Trim knotted yarn ends even with the pom-pom, and trim pom-pom yarns as needed. Stitch the bow to a stocking cuff.

Hand-stitch pom-poms of various sizes to the cuff of a stocking.

Handmade Christmas Gifts to DIY | 31Daily.com

Quick and Easy Dinner Kit

For the friend who’s got a busy weeknight schedule, give the gift of a worry-free dinner.

Fill one jar with pasta and one with pesto or a favorite sauce. Embellish jar lids with festive ribbon. Add white yarn to colander holes for a snowflake look.

Finish with a printable tag and a ribbon bow.

Get the free gift tag.

DIY Dinner Kit

Driftwood Coasters

Gift these trendy coasters to a friend who loves to entertain.

Bring out the natural beauty of driftwood by using a bandsaw to cut 1-1/2-inch slices; wipe down with a soft cloth. Sand the edges until smooth and wipe again.

Stack the coasters and tie them with twine or ribbon. If desired, include decorative glass cups to round out your gift.

Handmade Christmas Gifts to DIY | 31Daily.com

Embellished Glass Case

Help a friend protect their specs with a personalized glasses case. Perfect for someone who frequently travels or has multiple pairs of eyewear to keep track of.

Lay a 7-inch square or fusible webbing over a 7-inch square of flannel. Arrange assorted 7-inch ribbons close together on webbing, extending the top ribbon 1/4-inch beyond the webbing.

Fuse ribbons to flannel. Machine-stitch along edges of ribbon using decorative stitches. Fold the top ribbon over the edge of the flannel and topstitch. Fold flannel over and sew edges, leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Handmade Christmas Gifts to DIY | 31Daily.com

Easy Floating Art

Forget giving expensive artwork this Christmas. A collection of postcards or homemade drawings from you will mean so much more.

Gather a collection of floating frames and fill them with artistic effects of your choice. We love using beautiful handkerchiefs, vintage postcards, or anything that will complement the decor of your loved one.

Handmade Christmas Gifts to DIY | 31Daily.com

Winter Coffee Sleeves

Fashion a cute Christmas sock or small sweater into a reusable sleeve for a to-go coffee cup.

After washing, cut a 3-inch section from the sock or sweater sleeve. Embellish with buttons or felt snowflake cutouts for added winter charm. Slip the sleeve onto a to-go cup or tumbler, roll the sleeve ends to hide frays, and start sipping.

Christmas Coffee Sleeves

Embellished Soup Mug

Transform a budget-friendly ceramic mug or bowl into a charming Christmas gift using permanent oil-based paint markers, which work well on slick surfaces. Freehand a repeating design, like arrows, around the mug, and fill the cup with packages of dry soup mixes or other wintry treats.

Add a clever gift tag to top off this darling DIY present.

Handmade Soup Mug

Gold Sparkle Mini Pots

Glitter makes everything more fun, including indoor gardening — plus, these mini pots are perfect for decorating small shelves or desks. Simply coat the pot in decoupage medium followed by glitter to create a glamorous look. Once the planter is dry, fill it with a tiny houseplant.

Gold Sparkly Vases to DIY

Framed Jewelry Holder

You may not be able to get them Tiffany’s, but you can make them adorable (and affordable) jewelry holders. A decorative metal screen doubles as a custom jewelry organizer when painted and cut to fit inside a salvaged frame. Use a staple gun to attach the screen to the back of the frame.

Vintage Inspired Jewelry Framed Holder

Gold Dipped Milk Glass Vases

Start at the thrift store, end at the Christmas tree.

Milk glass vases are an inexpensive purchase; adhere a line of painter’s tape to the midsection and brush on gold acrylic paint to the line.

Let dry and repeat for full coverage. Replace the tape with a bow — and gifting is done.

Gold Dipped Milk Glass Vases

Embroidered Holiday Napkins

Set the scene for easy gifting by embellishing white napkins with a simple stitched design.

Trace a downloadable pattern, or freehand your own design onto the napkin with a fine-tip red marker. Backstitch over the design with red embroidery floss.

Bonus: These designs also work well on tea towels.

Get the instructions here.

Embroidered Napkins in Red and White

Cookie Decorating Kit

These are the perfect gift for anyone who loves the idea of baking and decorating Christmas cookies, but 1) may not have the time or 2) is maybe not the best baker in the world. But even if you’re a great baker, this is still a really fun gift to receive. The hard work of baking and rolling out the cookies has already been done for you. Only the fun part is left – the decorating! Um, yes please!

Here’s how!


Vintage Inspired Plate

Reach for a vintage magazine, full of colorful images and advertisements, for a playful plate anyone would love to receive this Christmas.

Trace the bottom of a glass dish (select one with a flat bottom) onto your vintage page. Trim to size.

Apply decoupage medium with a foam brush and adhere the paper to the underside of the plate. Smooth out any bubbles, starting from the center of the page and working out.

Vintage Inspired Plate to DIY for Gifts

No Sew Christmas Pillow

Make a merry keepsake with a simple no sew Christmas pillow that’s easier than you might think! 

Get instructions here.


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