5 Ingredient Spring Dinners: What to Cook (Mar 29)

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Weeknight Dinner Meal Plan: 5 Ingredient Spring Dinners. Mouthwatering, healthy dinners made simple and easy with a handful of ingredients. And easy on the budget too! 

Mushroom Omelet for 5 Ingredient Spring Dinners: What to Cook (Mar 29)

This week’s dinners are incredible. I love the flavors we’ve packed into a week of easy, delicious, and healthy springtime dinners. 

Eggs are a delightful way to add spring touches to a dinner menu. And we’re taking full advantage.

Our post on How to Make Eggs: Expert Pro Tips is a refresher on making all kinds of eggs this spring. Plus, just for fun, we’ve included an “Egg Personality” test. Which kind of egg are you?

Here’s what we’re cooking all week.

5 Ingredient Spring Dinners

Monday is all about eggs. Delightfully simple with wonderful flavors of mushrooms and brie. Feel free to swap out the vegetables you and your family prefer.

On Tuesday, we’re making a paella, of sorts. It’s an easy adaptation of that favorite Spanish-inspired dish. Made with chicken and veggies, it’s a quick but delicious meal. With, yes, 5 ingredients.

For Wednesday, we’re making a personal favorite, Turmeric Pork Chops. I’m adding spring greens on the side with a boiled egg.

We always have seafood on Thursday and this cod dinner is incredibly flavorful with added bacon and balsamic tomatoes. If you are allergic to balsamic vinegar, you can swap that for Grape jelly, red wine vinegar, or soy sauce.

I’m craving takeout again. Friday is always a treat day — so I’m looking forward to “takeout,” made quickly and easily at home.

We’re fudging on the 5 ingredients for the treat this week. I think the jam bars are 6 ingredients. But they’re so good and easy, we’ll let that pass. Use your favorite jam in the recipe, I’m thinking about Strawberry… or raspberry… or lemon! Hey, maybe that should be a new recipe post, Lemon Jam Bars. What do you think? 

Have a wonderful week!

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5 Ingredient Spring Dinners: What to Cook (Mar 29)

Monday: Brown Mushroom and Brie Omelettes
Tuesday: 5 Ingredient Chicken Paella
Wednesday: Turmeric Pork Chops with Green Salad
Thursday: Cod with Bacon and Balsamic Tomatoes
Friday: Pork and Noodle Bowls
Treat: Jam Bars with Oat Streusel

5 Ingredient Spring Dinners: What to Cook (Mar 29)

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