Best Gifts for the Baker | Christmas Gift Guide

Best Gifts for the Baker | Christmas Gift Guide |

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Baker Gift Guide

The best gifts for the baker on your Christmas list.

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1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer — As a mom of a teenage boy who loves cookies and pies and muffins — and all things baked, I can’t imagine life without my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Truly, it’s in use every day! And if you bake bread, it’s an amazing tool.

2. Cuisinart Food Processor — A valuable tool for the home cook and one that I use multiple times per week. Great for shredding cheese and veggies, chopping, grinding, and making nut butters.

3. Quality rimmed sheet pans, muffin tins, and loaf pans — These are staples in the kitchen. Sheet pans are incredibly versatile for baking cookies, pizzas, or even entire dinners. Look for light, silver-colored baking pans. Darker bakeware has a tendency to absorb heat, darkening the color of the baked goods.

4. Spatula, wooden spoon, and a bench scraper — Heat resistant spatulas are so convenient for the home cook. I use them often for cooking sauces and to pour cake batters into baking molds.

5. Nesting Mixing Bowls — Having on hand a variety of sizes with lids are amazingly convenient for baking and food storage.

6. Cookie Scoops — These scoops make perfectly proportional cookies but also have lots of other uses like scoop muffin batter, cupcakes, meatballs, and even ice cream.

7. Measuring Cups and Spoons — Baking is an exact science. Having the quality measurements ensures the best possible outcome. Essential tools every baker needs.

8. Liquid Measures — A must for accurately measuring liquid. And helpful for melting butter in the microwave and whisking dressings and sauces.

9. French Rolling Pin — Food and Wine Magazine says pro bakers prefer the sleek lines of a French rolling pin. I have one and absolutely love it. Perfect for delicate dough work.

10Matfer Bourgeat Rolling Pin — An all-purpose dowel-style rolling pin – a favorite among bakers, and the personal favorite of baking doyenne Dorie Greenspan.

11. Pastry Mat — I use this everytime I roll out dough for pies or cookies or cinnamon rolls. It’s surface sticks to the counter making the job easy!

12. Marble Stone Pastry Board — Bakers who work on marble countertops know that marble is great for working with dough and chocolate. It’s natural non-stick and cooling properties make it a great gift for avid bakers.

13. Wire cooling rack — A necessity to ensure proper cooling and air circulation and to help avoid sogginess to baked items — from cookies to cakes and cupcakes, to breads and muffins.

14. Parchment Paper — A nonstick paper ideal for lining cake tins and sheet pans and can be used from oven to freezer. One of my have-to-have items in the kitchen. Helps with cleanup too!

15. Whisks — Designed to get volume and aerate food, they are an essential tool for cake baking and all kinds of cooking.

16. Digital Food Scale — Definitely an essential baking tool. I prefer digital scales.

17. Offset spatula — A small angled, offset spatula is extremely convenient for the home baker. From smoothing batters to frosting cakes to loosening baked goods from their pans, it’s an every day use tool.

18. Chef’s Torch — Perfect for Creme Brulee, meringue, and other tarts. A set of ramekins would be a great addition!

19. Apron — A beautiful apron is one of my favorite gifts to give and receive!

20. Copper Mixing Bowl Set — Dishwasher safe, these beautiful bowls will delight any baker. Great for baking, mixing, whisking and more.

21. Silicone Pastry Baking Mat — A must in my kitchen for rolling pastry and dough. A baker’s best friend!

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