Healthy Budget Friendly Dinners Meal Plan (June 3)

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We’re saving time and money with these healthy, Budget-Friendly Dinners that don’t sacrifice nutrition or flavor! Many meals are ready in minutes, all are delicious, and best of all, they’re homemade!

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Healthy Budget-Friendly Meals

We can all use a little help with our food budgets these days. As I was cleaning out my pantry and freezer this week in preparation for a new season, I came across an article with great reminders on Clever Ways to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget. I’ve summarized some of their points below, but you can read the entire article for more information.

  • Plan your meals (which I think you are if you’re reading this post!)
  • Stick to your list when grocery shopping
  • Cook larger portions and plan for leftovers
  • Buy Whole Foods with less processing (blocks of cheese, whole grains, etc.)
  • Shop for in-season produce

Healthy Budget Friendly Dinners Menu

Monday’s dinner is a vegetarian soup that’s packed with nutrients and fiber. It also contains bulk Whole Foods that are budget-friendly and healthy! Add whole-grain bread and greens to round out the meal.

Tuesday’s dinner celebrates Taco Tuesday, deliciously and inexpensively, with sweet potatoes and black beans. And lots of flavor– no sacrifice here! Add your favorite taco condiments and more salad greens.

Wednesday’s dinner is family-favorite comfort food made with ground meat (look for great prices on your favorite meat, be it lean ground beef, chicken, or turkey). With the meal, we’ll be making potatoes and green beans. It’s a sheet pan dinner with easy cleanup. And, hopefully, leftovers for later meals.

Thursday’s dinner is a quick and easy pantry staple. And perfect for warm days when you want to keep cooking to a minimum!

Friday’s dinner is one I’m looking forward to. It’s a pasta bake with healthy veggies, lots of flavor, and perfect for Friday. Add greens to round out the meal.

The Treat is a pantry-friendly dessert made in a square pan that’s always a hit whenever they appear for family meals or outings!

Have a beautiful & delicious week!

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Healthy Budget Friendly Dinners Meal Plan (June 3)

Healthy Budget Friendly Dinners Meal Plan (June 3)

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