31 Budget Friendly Dinner Recipes

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These budget friendly dinner recipes will help keep the evening meal easy, quick, and delicious. And the family full and happy. 

Mexican Budget Friendly Dinner Casserole

We’re all staying closer to home these days. Which means we’re also cooking more than ever. Weeknight dinners can quickly become overwhelming without a few recipes up our sleeves.

And budget friendly dinner recipes are more important than ever.

Saving money becomes easier when choosing cheaper proteins, like chicken thighs, ground meats, or by keeping it vegetarian.

These affordable and cost-effective dinner recipes require few ingredients and rely heavily on pantry foods. They’re also family friendly.

And delicious? Absolutely! Budget friendly dinners don’t have to be boring or dull. Keep scrolling to see if I’m right!

How to Cook Dinners on a Budget

I recently came across an article from Eating Well Magazine on “How to Cook Healthy Dinners.” I agree with her thoughts and have added a few of my own.

Here are some pro tips on keeping dinners affordable.

Pantry Organization: Food Storage

1. Keep Your Pantry Stocked

Watch your grocery weekly ads. Set aside time each week to keep up to date with what’s on sale. I keep my market apps on my phone to make that task easier. 

When checking the ads, take a few minutes to also add digital coupons to your account too. 

Bulk up on pantry products when they are on sale. And keep a list of pantry stock you have on hand. Dinners become super easy when you can rely on a well-stocked pantry.

To keep the pantry organized (see some pantry organizational tips here), I’ve been using the Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers my mom recommended. The link is an Amazon affiliate link but I think they’re easily found elsewhere too.

Solving the Delimma of What's For Dinner - Meal Plan Basics | 31Daily.com

2. Make a Dinner Plan

Every week we publish a weeknight dinner meal plan filled with easy, affordable, and mostly healthy dinners. 

Each Sunday I set aside a few minutes to write out a meal plan and grocery list. When I have a plan, I can generally stick to it without the last-minute stress of scrambling to put dinner on the table.

Meal planning is easier than you would think. I’ve written more about how I meal plan in our post, “Simply Solving the What’s For Dinner Dilemma: A Meal Plan.

5 Minute Rainbow Protein Veggie Wraps | 31Daily.com

3. Use Leftovers

Always keep leftovers in mind when planning dinners. A larger cut or amount of meat can become another one or even two future meals. Freeze leftovers in labeled containers if you’re not using it that week. 

Plus… leftovers make fantastic lunches during the week!

Are you ready for some delicious budget friendly dinner recipes?

Budget Friendly Weeknight Dinner Recipes

These budget friendly dinner recipes will help keep the evening meal easy, quick, and delicious. And the family full and happy. These are the most delicious and easy recipes we can find! Check out these affordable dinner recipes!

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