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21 Pantry Staple Recipes

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White bowl of bacon risotto for pantry staple dinners

We’ve gathered the best Pantry Staple recipes we could find. In times of uncertainty or when you need quick and easy meals fast, without a trip to the market, here are some easy and delicious ideas.

A well-stocked pantry is a lifesaver not only in emergencies but when you have little time to throw together a meal. Stocking basic ingredients is a budget-friendly, cost-effective, time-effective home tool that literally makes me exceedingly happy.

dry and fresh food in containers and bags

And during seasons of emergencies or outbreaks, having stock on hand gives comfort in difficult times.

The following recipes are family-friendly recipes that use common pantry ingredients as well as simple ingredients to stock in your freezer and refrigerator. 

What are Pantry Staple Recipes?

Pantry staple recipes, to me, use more than cans of food in the pantry. They use a variety of non-perishable ingredients, like canned foods, grains, etc., along with refrigerator and frozen ingredients I like to keep on hand. Vegetables, for instance, are great both canned and frozen, which allows a greater variety of recipes.  

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21 Recipes to Make with Pantry Staples

We've gathered the best Pantry Staples recipes we could find. In times of uncertainty or when you need quick meals fast, these are easy and delicious ideas.

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