June One Pot Dinners: What to Cook (May 31)

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Weeknight Dinner Plan: June One Pot Dinners week will free up evenings with these healthy, delicious dinners. On the heels of a long weekend, we’re getting back to healthy, quick meals.

Skillet Chicken Thighs for June One Pot Dinners: What to Cook (May 31)

June One-Pot Dinners

This week begins the unofficial start to summer. And we will celebrate large and deliciously on Monday.

If you’re still planning your Memorial Day menu, we have some amazing and delicious ideas for everyone at your table. From vegan and vegetarian options to healthier takes on Memorial Day favorites. (See Monday’s link below for recipes).

And then comes the rest of the week.

For Tuesday, assuming we’ve indulged on Monday, we’re cutting back with a simple pasta that’s filled with vegetables. If you have leftovers, this is a good night to plan for those.

Wednesday features a Mediterranean-style skillet dinner with chicken thighs. I’m very much looking forward to this easy meal.

Chowder always seems like summer to me. For Thursday’s seafood option, we’re planning an easy, one pot fish chowder. While there is a recipe… it’s not really a recipe. Adapt the ingredients to your favorites!

Finally, Friday is a healthy, skillet fried rice that’s I’m already thinking about.

The treat is a picnic favorite that takes all of minutes to make. Get the family to help you with this one!

Have a great week!

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June One Pot Dinners: What to Cook (May 31)

Monday: 31 Easy Memorial Day Recipes
Tuesday: Cacio e Pepe Pasta
Wednesday: Sicilian Style Chicken Thighs
Thursday: One Pot Fish Chowder
Friday: Chicken Fried Rice
Treat: Berry Pinwheel Pastries

June One-Pot Dinners: What to Cook (May 31)

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