Decking the Halls with Orange Pomanders

Bowl with Orange Pomanders

Orange Pomanders are a simple, classic and beautiful way to usher the holidays into your home. And your kitchen.

It’s been a long-standing tradition in our house to create these pomanders and place them in various locations. The scent of the holidays permeates our home and makes everything seem just a little bit more wonderful.

closeup of orange pomanders on a silver tray

Simple Tools Needed to Make Orange Pomanders

  • Firm, fresh citrus fruit. I like to use naval oranges or cuties. Or a combination of both. 
  • Toothpicks to poke design holes. 
  • Whole cloves. 
  • Citrus zester or vegetable peeler if you want to create designs in the skin of the orange.
  • Elastic to make even designs. Or eliminate it for freeform designs.
  • Kitchen twine to hang the pomanders.

Orange Pomanders in a Wooden Bowl

How to Make the Orange Pomanders

  • To carve patterns of skin in the orange, use the corner of a citrus zester to make designs. A peeler will make larger strips. 
  • Using a toothpick, poke a row of holes in the orange. I learned this after years of sore fingers. This makes poking the cloves into the orange a simple job! 
  • If even rows and geometric designs inspire you, Martha Stewart places a rubber band around the oranges to make perfect circles. 
  • Finish the pomanders by rolling them in ground spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg or cardamom.

Making an Orange Pomander Arrangement

Designs with odd numbers are most pleasing to the eye. I like using either 3 or 5 oranges per arrangement. I also like to add fresh greens, a few cinnamon sticks, fresh pine cones and addition whole cloves. 

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