How to Print Your Own Recipe Cards at Home

How to Print Your Own Recipe Cards at Home |

Having my own recipe cards is a planning and preserving organizational essential for me. I go through what seems like hundreds of recipe cards over the year. I know it’s another piece of paper, or cardstock, to handle. But it’s my best way of saving and preserving the recipes my family loves. Or keeping those passed down from my grandmothers, and even their mothers. Or cherished friends.

While I have bookshelves full of cookbooks I dearly love, it’s my recipe card file that contains those tried and true, special recipes. Those little index size cards contain valuable notes and hints and thoughts on particular recipes. Similar to a culinary journal, in card form.

My family recipes are like stories of our past, handwritten by mothers and grandmothers, and even grandfathers. A legacy I hope is never lost.

The digital age is an amazing time. Literally hundreds of thousands of recipes on hand with a few taps. And believe me, I have binders full of these finds.

But there’s something special about a recipe card. A hint of simpler times.

I’m making my weekly menus today, perusing my card file and printing, yes, more recipe cards. Thank goodness I can print off my file and have a never-ending supply.

How to Print Your Own Recipe Cards at Home |

Printing Your Own Recipe Cards

Simply click the button below to download the file and then print them. I have a color printer in my office I use to print these cards. I also like to have on hand a supply of thicker paper, a flexible cardstock weight my printer can handle. But when I’m out of that, I use regular printing paper.

Use a pair of scissors or an X-Acto knife to cut out your cards.


Dinner Planning Sheet

My second food planning essential is my weekly dinner planner. Yes, it matches my cards because I adore that color. It’s a simple sheet to record dinners and grocery items needed per recipe.

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How to Print Your Own Recipe Cards at Home |

How to Print Your Own Recipe Cards at Home |

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