Sheet Pan Mediterranean Diet Dinners: What to Cook (Feb 14)

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Sheet Pan Mediterranean Diet Dinners: When you ask yourself, “What’s for dinner this week?” Look no further than these scrumptious and healthy Mediterranean Diet Dinners, all made on a sheet pan. Easy clean-up, healthy, and simple. It’s what’s on the menu this week. 

Sheet Pan Salmon for Sheet Pan Mediterranean Diet Dinners: What to Cook (Feb 14)

Every week we try to focus on healthy eating goals, simple weeknight dinners, and flavorful delicious food that will bring your people to the table in no time.

This year, we’ve focused even more on Mediterranean Diet recipes in the weekly “What to Cook” weeknight dinner menus. It’s a beautiful and healthy lifestyle diet that brings colorful, healthy, delicious food that’s super attainable. 

Diets can be restrictive. It’s one of the reasons I love the Mediterranean Diet. It’s light, healthy, and simple. But at its heart, the “diet” is all about balance and everything in moderation. 

And that is a wonderful way to live.

Balance in all things.

This week we’re focusing on simple sheet pan dinners that all happen to be Mediterranean Diet-friendly.

If you’re looking for more Mediterranean Diet dinners, you might want to take a look at the 36 Winter Mediterranean Diet Dinners post for more recipe ideas.

Sheet Pan Mediterranean Diet Dinners

Happy Valentine’s Day, Monday. If you’re cooking for two, Monday’s dinner is a beautiful and simple, 10-minute dinner you’ll love. If you’re cooking for the family… they’ll still love this quick and easy sheet pan shrimp dinner. Light some candles, either way!

Oh… maybe make some 5 Minute Valentine’s Day Crack too. “All things in moderation,” I’m telling myself. 

Tuesday’s dinner is a vegan Mediterranean sheet pan dinner.  Add some healthy protein if you’d like and a green salad. 

For Wednesday, we’re making a delicious chicken sheet pan dinner with tons of vegetables and flavor. 

On Thursday, it’s a Mediterranean Salmon dinner that’s pretty enough for Valentine’s Day dinner if you prefer. Simple swap the two days! Add a salad of fresh winter greens for both. 

Friday is often pizza night at my house. This sheet pan pizza is Mediterranean friendly. For those who need to add more, prosciutto would be a nice addition.

The treat this week is a delicious olive oil cake — made on a sheet pan. 

Have a great week and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sheet Pan Mediterranean Diet Dinners: What to Cook (Feb 14)

Monday: Sheet Pan Mediterranean Shrimp
Tuesday: Vegan Mediterranean Sheet Pan Dinner
Wednesday: Sheet Pan Mediterranean Chicken and Veggies
Thursday: Sheet Pan Mediterranean Salmon
Friday: Sheet Pan Caprese Pizza
Treat: Strawberry Olive Oil Snacking Cake

Sheet Pan Mediterranean Diet Dinners: What to Cook (Feb 14)

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