Cookbook “24 Days of Christmas Cookies” (It’s Here!)

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It’s here! 24 Days of Christmas Cookies is a project I’m thrilled to tell you about.

It’s a season of baking and making and gifting, and celebrating with those we love. The most wonderful time of the year? Absolutely! One of the ways I bake, make, and gift is by celebrating a season of Christmas cookies!

This year, I’ve released a cookbook that’s long been on my mind. A collection for Advent filled with my favorite Christmas cookie recipes, which for me begins in the fall and doesn’t conclude until Christmas.

As I was planning my season’s baking, I began to wonder… “what if?”

The “what if” became a cookbook that I can’t wait to share with you. And thus was born… an advent journey I hope will touch your heart!

24 Days of Christmas Cookies: A Joyful Advent Baking Journey

“From cranberry white chocolate cookies to red velvet crinkle cookies, each recipe is a window into the diverse tapestry of holiday flavors. With every bite, you’ll find yourself savoring the essence of Christmas itself— the sweetness of life, the warmth of love, and the joy of giving.”

24 days of christmas cookies by stephanie wilson

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24 Days of Christmas Cookies book cover

‘Tis the Season

A season of twinkling lights, cozy blankets, and the sweetest of traditions. Advent is a time when our hearts are a little lighter, our smiles a little wider, and our homes are filled with the warm glow of the season.

Join us by counting down to this joyous season with a heartwarming Advent baking journey to unwrap the excitement, joy, and pure magic of the Christmas season– one cookie at a time.

Favorite Excerpts from the Cookbook:

“So, let the scent of cookies baking in your kitchen be a reminder of the hope, love, joy, and peace that Advent brings. As you embark on this Advent baking journey, may your heart be filled with anticipation and your home be filled with the warmth of the season.”

“As you turn the pages of this cookbook and embark on your own Advent
baking journey, may your kitchen become a place of togetherness, creativity, and love. May your heart be warmed by the laughter, stories, and sweet treats you share with those you hold dear.”

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