Easy Herbs to Grow that Every Cook Needs

Easy Herbs to Grow that Every Cook Needs | 31Daily.com

Love to cook? Here are easy herbs to grow that every cook needs.

If you’ve never grown herbs before, now is a great time to start. If you love cooking, you may also love gardening. Especially herb gardening. We’ve put together a list of easy herbs to grow from planting to watering, feeding… and even using. Ready to get started?

Consider which herbs you most often use in cooking. And plant those.

How to Grow

It’s easier than you think. Begin with these 3.

Easy Herbs to Start With

The easiest and most common herbs to grow are oregano, sage, and rosemary. They require minimal, basic care, and are perennials, which means they come back year after year. Instead of starting from seed, purchase young plants from your local garden center.

What They Need

Herbs are easiest to grow outdoors unless you have a bright window. They require good drainage so if you’re growing them in containers, use a quality potting soil and make sure they have drainage holes.

How to Feed and Water

The first few weeks after planting, keep the soil moist. Then let the soil go a little dry before watering. Too much water will cause roots to rot. Be careful with fertilizer. Experts advise against fertilizing more than once a year saying it makes them grow too fast, lessening the concentration of aromatic oils that give them flavor.

An Easy Windowsill Herb Garden

Picking Your Herbs

Lorraine Melton, head grower at the herb farm Herbal Haven, says, “Firstly, make sure you pick your herbs regularly during the growing season, and make sure you pick them in the right way. Most importantly, don’t pick stems from the base of the plant. This encourages tall, lanky plants. Instead, pick off the tips of each stem – about the top inch or two (depending on the size of the herb), just above a pair of leaves. Two new shoots will grow from each stem, creating a fuller plant.”

Easy Herbs to Grow that Every Cook Needs | 31Daily.com

7 Favorite Herbs

I’ve chosen the following 7 herbs for their versatility in the kitchen and because they’re easy to grow.

1. Rosemary:

I love it fresh or dried. While I usually grow it in a raised garden bed, it’s easy to grow in a container. That way, it can easily me moved indoors when the weather gets too cold.

2. Thyme:

I use thyme in almost everything I cook, it seems. It’s lovely in soups, stews, roasted meats, marinades, and more. It’s also wonderful as garnishes to almost anything. Thyme is a hardy low growing plant, perfect for edging beds or placing in the front of a mixed container planting.

3. Chives:

Another easy perennial and an absolute favorite. While I love it in salads and dressings and on top of baked potatoes, I love to watch it bloom in my garden. A beautiful shade of purple that seems to welcome spring.

4. Sage:

Excellent in soups, stocks, meats, pastas, and more. They don’t like wet roots – so grow in well-drained soil and take care not to over-water. I love to add the fragrant leaves to flower arrangements in the fall.

5. Parsley:

More than a simple garnish, parsley is a super herb that contains amazing amounts of vitamin C. Once established, this plant can many times overwinter and grow for several years. While I use it in almost everything we cook, it is a beautiful garnish too.

6. Mint:

I once made the mistake of growing this hardy herb in a raised garden bed. It never, I mean never went away. And it was my mother’s garden. These days, I always plant this herb in a container. I absolutely love to use mint in summer beverages, garnishes, tea and more. I also love to sit outside in the summer and smell that distinctive mint aroma. It’s amazing.

7. Oregano:

With amazing medicinal qualities, I love to plant oregano and use it in salads, pastas, homemade pizzas, and again in arrangements.

Easy Herbs to Grow that Every Cook Needs | 31Daily.com

Medicinal Properties

Herbs have long been a source for medicinal uses and have been cultivated and grown for thousands of years. Use the links below to read up on specific herbs.

•Early Medicinal Gardens
•Valerian Root
•Golden Oregano

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Easy Herbs to Grow that Every Cook Needs | 31Daily.com


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