Into the Next Generation

Happy Mother's Day Daisies

You know the adage, “I hear my mother’s voice inside my head”?

As another year passes, it seems that voice grows more distinct.

Like… lessons from the past.

That are… creating future paths.

Wisdom passed from one generation to the next.

A study from the University of Wisconsin says of mother’s voice:

“Research has found that hearing her voice can quickly calm frayed nerves  –  and a telephone call often has the same effect as a hug.”

“The findings could help explain why our mother is often the first person we turn to in tough times  –  even when we are adults ourselves.”

The Daily Mail

Words are life changing. Simple words, idioms, and nuggets of wisdom can and do shape future generations.

On a walk yesterday, taking a break from writing this post… and thinking about voices and children and mothers, I walked by an area school and read this:

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, and the women whose lives have most influenced us, I wanted to share some words of wisdom from the voices of the women I hear in my head.

“Mothers can look through a child’s eyes and see tomorrow.”

Stephanie Wilson

I hear my mother’s voice in the noonday sun, in the dark of night when sleep won’t come. I hear her wisdom when I instruct my son, speak to my husband, count to ten when things aren’t going right. I hear her laugh with a misstep and her joy of life.

Thankfully, I hear my mother’s voice almost every day. Though we are separated by some miles, we share recipes and ideas, memories, and future plans.

She is my role model, a wealth of resources, wisdom, and experience. A cheerleader for every new adventure, an encourager, and inspirer. She is a woman I can model myself after and hope to someday emulate. I’m so incredibly blessed to have her in my life and let her voice speak through me to future generations.

Marjorie Randall

Being a mother and a grandmother means the world to me. I love every moment of it. Being a mom to me is a lifetime commitment, regardless of what happens in their life, they will be loved. They can’t do anything to lose my love for them. I think the most important thing, other than knowing you love them, is to give your children time each day, individually, to have your undivided attention. Showing gentleness and tenderness is a very important part of mothering. Praising them and being on their team, and them knowing they can count on you, is the essence of motherhood.”

Michelle Randall Green

I believe as women we must accept/embrace the unique design both physically and emotionally that God has blessed us each with. That gives us the confidence to be who God created us to be. As a mother, we must desire wisdom which can only come from God. Proverbs 24 says “By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established.”

Emily Randall

Being a mom means taking care of your family’s needs. A mom today has to be extremely flexible and aware. Does your family need quiet time? Does someone need nurturing? Encouragement? Instruction? Being tuned in will help you adjust so you can help your family thrive. My advice? Be present. Be with them and for them.

Maria Green Turner

Cooking tasty meals, creating beautiful pictures/art, and caring well for others are all things I admire about the major women in my life. Perhaps my mother taught me the most important things about being a woman: to be proud God made me one, and to use my unique gifts to bless others.

May your day be filled with all that’s beautiful and bright. May you shine and celebrate and love and speak into the generations that follow.

Happy Mother’s Day

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2 thoughts on “Into the Next Generation

  1. Cindy

    Hi Stephanie,very sweet what you wrote and others about your mom’s,I miss my a lot we butt heads a lot but in the long run we also love and forgave each other, She is in heaven with Jesus, ,I’m very blessed to have 2 wonderful sons and dil’s and 7 grandkids. Who I adore 🥰 Happy Mother’s Day all around the world. Cindy from Colorado

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I think butting heads sometimes comes with being female 😍😍! Mother’s are so special and know us well. Sometimes even more than we want them too! But there is no better place in the world than with Jesus!

      You are so blessed with a big family! Looking forward to the day when ours grows with wives and grandchildren!!

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