Beautiful Mother’s Day Tea Recipes

Celebrate Mother’s Day by hosting a Mother’s Day Tea with simple, beautiful afternoon tea recipes, and a gathering of her favorite people.

Whether it’s a tea party for two, an outdoor picnic, or a garden party, she will know how special she is.

A teatime table for 2 in the garden with pink roses


“Tucked into a quiet enclave of the garden, a table for two laden with dainty treats bids the daughter’s first friend, greatest example, and dearest ally to enjoy an afternoon befitting her matchless beauty and grace.”

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Courses

Whether you’re serving afternoon tea for a couple of guests or are planning a larger tea party, serving tea courses creates an elegant and special atmosphere.

Three courses of tea are most traditional. The first is a savoury tea course with tea sandwiches. Secondly is a scones course served with clotted cream, jam, and lemon curd. A third course is dedicated to desserts.

Inspirations for Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea with pale greens and lavenders.



Teatime for 2 in the Garden with Mom

“Raise a cup to maternal affection by hosting an intimate Mother’s Day tea party beneath a canopy of blooms. Embroidered linens, beloved china, and lush nosegays set the scene for a charming repast.”

Taking Tea with Mom in the Garden



A Picnic Afternoon Tea

“Pack your wicker basket with a combination of durable and delicate dishware for a whimsical afternoon tea that can be enjoyed in the sunshine or the shade.”

A picnic afternoon tea



Garden Party Afternoon Tea

A welcome, joyous afternoon tea served en plein air.

Graden Party Afternoon Tea



A Butterfly Afternoon Tea

“A pastel color palette, floral décor, and fanciful fare make a charming combination for an exquisite garden party, with or without butterflies fluttering among the flowers.”

Butterfly Afternoon Tea in the Garden




The following tea pairings are appropriate for afternoon tea throughout the year. Choose the guest of honor’s favorite tea, but if in doubt, here are some suggestions. 

Darjeeling: All Courses

A vibrant tea loved for its aromatics and flavorful cup, Darjeeling tea is a delicious tea well paired with most everything at the tea table. However, it’s especially delicious with desserts and French pastries. 

Earl Grey Tea: Dessert

Earl Grey Tea is one of the best-known black tea blends in the world. With its fruity and even sweet citrusy flavor, it pairs beautifully with the sweets course. Here’s a guide on how to properly brew Earl Grey Tea.

Chamomile Tea: Scones and Desserts

Chamomile is a caffeine-free herbal tea. It has an apple-like flavor which makes it pair well with the scones course and the sweets course.

Assam: Tea Sandwiches

Assam is a strong black tea that nicely complements finger sandwiches.

Mint Tea: Tea Sandwiches and Chocolate

Mint Tea, or Peppermint Tea, is a suburb choice for serving with tea sandwiches, chocolate, and fruit-filled sweets.

White Tea: Scones and Sponge Cakes

White Tea is naturally sweet with a somewhat strong flavor. It’s best to avoid serving White Tea with strongly flavored foods but is delicious with lightly flavored scones and sponge cakes.

Lavender Tea: 

Lavender Tea is a common Afternoon Tea selection. And is often used as ingredients for scones, sweets, and other baked goods. 

Oolong Tea: Salty and Savory Course

Oolong tea has a complex flavor that pairs beautifully with the savory course or tea snacks that lend toward salty. 

Recipes for Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

The following recipes are beautiful and perfect for a springtime afternoon tea.

From savory tea recipes to finger sandwiches, scones, and afternoon tea sweets.

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea Recipes

My Mother and Mother’s Day Tea

I couldn’t conclude this post without thanking my mom for instilling a love of tea in her girls. 

Mother's Day Tea with My Family
An afternoon tea for my mom with her daughters and granddaughters at Portland’s Heathman Hotel Tea Room. Sadly, they’ve stopped serving tea.

More Afternoon Tea Recipes and Ideas

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