Italian Blue Spode Celebrating 200 Year Anniversary


Twenty-two pairs of hand make each piece.

An iconic masterpiece for collectors the world over.

Blue Italian, celebrating its 200th Anniversary in 2016, epitomizes the traditional blue and white for which Spode is famous. Framed by an 18th-century Chinese border, the central scene of Italian ruins was inspired by a 17th-century drawing. However, collectors remain uncertain about the source of its inspiration, which adds to the mysterious appeal.

Introduced in about 1816 with immediate success and in continuous production until 2009, Spode will celebrate its 200th Anniversary with a limited edition Collection.



Amazon has a robust collection of Spode’s Blue Italian. They also make timely and meaningful gifts. And if you already have a collection, this is the perfect year to make sure they are on prominent display.


Spode's iconic Blue Italian celebrating its 200th Anniversary.

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