January One Pot Dinners: What to Cook (Jan 24)

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January One Pot Dinners: A week of simple and delicious one-pot dinners to help keep your healthy goals and after-dinner cleanup… easy. Cozy healthy weeknight dinners all week!

Orange Beef and Broccoli for January One Pot Dinners

This month we’ve focused our weekly menus on sound, healthy eating plans that are both popular, delicious, and effective.

Can you believe this week is the last full week of January? How does the time go by this fast!?

Here’s what we’ve been cooking for weeknight dinners this week. If you missed a week, you want to review these delicious, healthy dinner recipes:

January One Pot Dinners

There is nothing more wonderful in the cold months of the year to have a pot of something bubbling on the stove, sending homey, delicious aromas throughout the house. That’s my definition of winter perfect one-pot dinners.

And one pot could mean a pot, a skillet, or even a Dutch oven. In all cases — cleanup is made even easier with less pots and pans.

Here’s our ideas of what to cook this week:

You’ve likely heard or even tried the “Cabbage Diet,” and likely have perhaps even made the Cabbage Diet Soup. Monday seems a perfect night to make this healthy, delicious soup. And, if you’re so fortunate to have leftovers, will have lunches at the ready all week. 

On Tuesday, our one pot is a skillet that we’ll use to make the most beautiful, vibrant, healthy, and delicious stir-fry ever. 

Wednesday’s dinner is a one-pot pasta filled with healthy immunity ingredients and delicious flavor. 

Thursdays are often seafood nights in our weekly menus. This week’s seafood is a super simple stew, much like a fisherman stew, with easy simple ingredients.

And while Thursdays are seafood nights, on Friday, I try to make dinner fun. With, perhaps, leftovers for the weekend. Friday night’s dinner is an Instant Pot burrito bowl I find myself making multiples times per month.

The treat is an iconic classic that it wouldn’t be January in my kitchen if I didn’t make at least one batch.

Have a great week!

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January One Pot Dinners: What to Cook (Jan 24)

Monday: One Pot Cabbage Diet Soup
Tuesday: Spicy Orange Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry
Wednesday: Creamy Chicken Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms One Pot Pasta
Thursday: Simple Fish Stew
Friday: Instant Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls
Treat: Snickerdoodle Cookies

January One Pot Dinners: What to Cook (Jan 24)

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