Holiday Kitchen Gift Guide

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overhead view of staub cookware

My favorite gift guide is always the holiday kitchen gift guide. I think this year’s gift idea list is the best yet! Filled with some of my favorite things, which, of course, all reside in the kitchen.

We’ve handpicked our favorite gifts in a wide price range. From hostess gifts to splurges. And yes, even a few you might want to gift yourself.

It’s the holidays after all!

2018 Holiday Kitchen Gift Guide | 31Daily.com

Holiday Kitchen Gift Guide

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More Kitchen Gift Guide Ideas

Smeg Citrus Juicer — There’s a reason this juicer is listed as one of Amazon’s best choices! It’s truly amazing. If you’re into juicing, this is a truly great find and is easy to clean.

Finex Cast Iron Skillet — It’s like a work of art in a skillet. A little pricey but delivers an amazing performance. A luxury have-to-have. Plus, it’s handcrafted in the U.S.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet — The workhorse of the kitchen. I have at least seven of these in various sizes and have used them for years! Be sure to purchase pre-seasoned.

Nonstick Skillet — We only have one nonstick skillet but it’s so handy with eggs and meat. The handle stays cool on this one and it is PFOA-free.

Copper Measuring Cups — These copper stainless steel measuring cups will add that special touch of warmth that only copper can bring. A lifetime guarantee doesn’t hurt either!

Glass Herb Keeper — For the herb lover in your life, this is a thoughtful and actually is a genius gift. It helps keep herbs fresh for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. It’s on my list!

Cutting Board — My favorite of all cutting boards. It’s hardwood, stable… and looks exceptional sitting on your kitchen counter!

Wooden Salad Bowl — I grew up with a wooden salad bowl my parents purchased from a maker in Samoa. For me, it’s a must-have. And I think this one is particularly beautiful.

Wok — Living in Seattle and around the Pacific Rim, a wok is essential in a Pacific Northwest kitchen. My favorite is always one made of carbon steel. This one is hand-hammered and gorgeous!

Rice Cooker — While there are more expensive rice cookers on the market, this one has worked well for me!

Salt Cellar — Because having this handy on the counter makes dinner quick, easy — plus, it’s super pretty!

Small Space Divided Cellar — Save on space with this divided spice cellar — think salt and pepper within easy reach.

Cookie Scoop — Honestly, with as much as I bake, I can’t imagine not having this cookie scoop (affiliate link). From cookies to muffins, or really anything I need to portion, this makes everything easier.

Nonstick Bakewear Set — 10 pieces and everything the home baker could need!

French Rolling Pin — I love this rolling pin and use it so often for pastries, cookies, biscuits, and more!

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