Six Reasons to Be Cheerful This Fall

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Cheerful this fall? With a new season here, you may ask yourself what there can possibly be to look forward to. Here are six excellent reasons to be cheerful this fall. 

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Though the world around us is changing, and things that were, may no longer be, or they may look a lot different. There is still room for cheer.

Long-held customs and traditions, this year, have given way to new normals, procedures, and protocols.

In countries worldwide, pandemic restrictions are rising. London’s Telegraph responded to those restrictions with this, “Yes we are in a pandemic and, yes, the restrictions have been tightened again – but it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom.”

Changes in London are expected to include curfews, working from home, face mask directives, and crowd control measures.

Much like many of us around the world.

Yet, as they said best,

“It may sound like a recipe for bottomless doom and gloom. But dig deep and there’s plenty to be cheerful about. Yes, really. Here, to help you break through the six-month wall, are six reasons not everything’s as bad as it very much seems.”

In a recent email to our readers, we wrote, “I suppose it could feel gloomy. But I see it as an opportunity to make life cozy, to nestle in and take time for the people and the things I love.

It’s a matter of perspective. A matter of directing your thoughts.

Biblical writings nearly 2,000 years ago encouraged readers that “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

And all these years later, it’s still speaking and relating to today. Pandemic, storms, and all. 

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Oh! And those 6 reasons to be cheerful?

6 Reasons to Be Cheerful

How to Adopt Nordic Hygge and Cozy Up Your Home | 31Daily.com

1. Hygge

Remember when Hygee, the Danish concept of wintry cosiness was trending? It’s time to bring back that spirit of indoor wellbeing. Yes, our social interactions will be limited for a while; but there’s nothing to stop you from cooking a stew, getting your home winter-ready, stringing up some nice lights, and hunkering down for a bit.

See more ideas on how to incorporate Hygge into your fall and winter home. And make some delight and hearty Hygge-style food.

Homemade Sweet and Spicy Coconut Curry Popcorn | 31Daily.com

2. Small Screen Movie Nights

As the days grow shorter, there is more opportunity to plan fun micro-events, like Movie Nights. Gather the family and plan theme-based watch parties. Holiday Movie Nights, Classic Movie Nights, perhaps Halloween Movie Nights. Pop some popcorn, make cookies, and get cozy for a fun evening.

3. Reading Weeks

Autumn is publishing’s busiest season, with big book releases just in time for Christmas. Following publishing delays in the summer due to Covid-19, new release titles are abundant! I have my eye on several Christmas novels as well as newly released cookbooks. You might want to check out our list of Inspiring Christmas Books.

Easy Halloween Treats to Make Now | 31Daily.com

4. Small-scale festive celebrations

While Christmas is still a ways off, we can still mark those autumnal calendar dates that give this time of the year its special feel. Create a Halloween feast for your children at home. No trick-or-treating doesn’t mean no pumpkin-carving. No large gatherings doesn’t mean no toffee apples in the back garden. Not everything needs to be canceled, just scaled down in size.

Begin planning a meaningful Thanksgiving with traditional family recipes.

5. Autumn Leaves

If there were any upsides to this season, one of them was surely the way so many of us have begun to appreciate nature. Well, good news, guys: nature is still there. But this time, it’s the leaves changing color on your woodland walk. Come home to warm autumnal drinks, and hearty, delicious fall food.

6. Simple Pleasures

Take simple pleasures this fall. Gather in small groups; A long walk with a friend or family member. Create, and learn, and listen, and breathe deep. Anticipate tomorrow while living deeply in the present.

What will be keeping your spirits up over the next six months? Tell us in the comments section below!

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