Summer High Protein Dinners: Meal Plan (July 10)

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Boosting energy this week to fully dive into the season with High Protein Summer Dinners with easy prep and mostly ready in 30 minutes. And the treat? Yep, healthy and packed with protein!

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How Much Protein Do We Need?

From your hair to your fingernails to your muscles, protein is the glue that holds each cell in your body together, and it makes up many major hormones and antibodies. That’s why getting enough protein in your daily diet is important.

So, how much protein do we need on a daily basis? “New evidence suggests exactly how much you need depends on a host of factors: your diet, age, health, activity level.” Here’s how to calculate protein intake.

Current guidelines, established by the Institute of Medicine in 2002, recommend adults 19 years of age and older consume 10% to 35% of their daily calories from protein, according to a report in Current Sports Medicine Reports.

For a 2,000-calorie diet, that’s about 200 to 700 calories from protein. You can calculate how much protein you need daily by multiplying “0.8 g of protein per kilogram of your body weight. With a little math, this translates to 54 g of protein for a 150-pound female or 65 g for a 180-pound male.”

High Protein Dinners

We all know that protein is good for us and that it helps build muscles. But did you know it also helps strengthen bones, supports our immune system and helps repair our body’s tissues? Plus, it also helps slow down digestion to keep us feeling full for longer. This week’s high protein dinners will provide at least 15 grams of protein per serving.

Summer High Protein Dinners Menu

Monday’s dinner is a Mediterranean Diet favorite, especially in the summer. It’s a delicious Greek Chicken with a refreshing cucumber salad to help keep you cool.

Tuesday’s dinner is a vegetarian taco that’s packed with healthy plant protein. Add all your favorite condiments for a summer meal suitable for eating outside!

Wednesday’s dinner is all about summer grilling and healthy salads. It’s light, flavorful, and filled with protein. It’s also a beautiful meal that’s perfect for entertaining.

Thursday’s dinner is a simple baked salmon recipe that’s filled with lemon and fennel flavor. If fennel isn’t your favorite veggie, you could substitute celery, onions, or leeks. If you think of any more ideas, I’d love to hear in the comment section below.

Friday’s dinner sends us to the grill (indoor or out) for a street-food Middle Eastern meal we love. Serve with whole grain pita, 5 Minute Greek Tzatziki Sauce and all the veggies you love. It’s fun and perfect for outdoor dinning.

Treat: A high protein treat? Absolutely! It’s healthy and packed with protein. And chocolatey and decadent… and delicious!

Have a beautiful week!

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High Protein Summer Dinners: Meal Plan (July 10)

High Protein Summer Dinners: Meal Plan (July 10)

Summer High Protein Dinners to boost energy on this week. Easy prep and mostly ready in 30 minutes with a healthy, high-protein treat too!

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