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Summer Porch Decor for Ideas on Creating Patriotic Porches

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Bring summer charm to your front porch with these easy patriotic porch ideas. From flags, buntings, and flowers to quilts and more, these red, white, and blue ideas are summer-worthy!

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

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The Front Porch Swing

Sitting in the front porch swing,
With a cool wind in your face,
Can cause one to dream.
Of another time and place.

Back when times were simple,
Times you cannot replace,
Life was easy going then,
People moved a slower pace.

Swinging in the old porch swing,
Troubles seemed to fade,
And the problems of the day,
Could somehow be delayed.

— Richard Netherland Cook

There is something just quintessentially summer about patriotic porches. And if you add bunting, a flag, a vintage quilt, red geraniums, a summer read that you absolutely can’t put down, a soft breeze tickling your hair, a glass of Southern Sweet Tea — you have the summer of my dreams.

While we may not all have a wonderfully wide, wrap-around front porch, we all have a front door or space that, in our creativity, we can make festive with red, white, or blue. These colors bind Americans, unify our spirits in a land of plenty, and make our hearts happy because, after all, this is what we do in the summer. We gather, and we celebrate—and very often, it’s with a backdrop of red, white, and blue.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite finds across the internet to give you some ideas on how to decorate your space, show your patriotism, brighten up your front porch, walkway, door, patio, or deck—and make it last all summer long!

Summer Patriotic Porches: Ideas

Let’s get inspired by these beautiful ideas we can re-create on our own summer porches!

Colonial Flags and Buntings

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

Isn’t there just something extraordinarily American and summer and festive when you pair white colonial homes with patriotic buntings and flags? I’ll never tire of seeing this traditional and classic design!

Vintage Furniture

summer patriotic porch

Fabrics are a quick and easy way to bring summer, patriotic color to the porch.

Flag Planter Display

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

“Small flags of graduated sizes burst from a basket-weave planter.”

A Relaxing Space to Watch Fireworks

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

Grab your red, white, and blue throws, pillows, lanterns, dishes, glassware, candles, and flowers. Remember those who have fought for our freedom, and then gather your family and friends to enjoy the first long weekend of the summer.

Outdoor Fireplace

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

“We don’t have a front porch to accommodate those gorgeous flags and buntings, but we do have a rock fireplace that is perfect for displaying a flag for a dinner party. With lanterns and dishes from HomeGoods, it was easy to turn a plain table into a festive one. I also added a simple drop-cloth rug to echo the red stripes and placed a vintage flag proudly on display above the mantel.”

Patriotic Fans

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

“Wave away the heat and proclaim your allegiance with these red, white, and blue decorations. With wooden garden markers as handles, our fans make great party favors…” and a welcome front porch to family, friends, and neighbors.”

How To Create A Summer Door Basket

“Decorating for summer begins at your front door. Here’s how to create a simple and beautiful summer hanging door basket to bid a cheery summer welcome to everyone who comes to your front door. You will love this easy DIY.”

Patriotic Walkway

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

Red summer geraniums are so striking against a house or along a walkway. As July approaches, line the walk with flags and you have a stunning display!

Fabric Fireworks

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

Burlap Flag Wreath

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

Decorating your front porch for the 4th can be as simple as adding a burlap bow and a couple of flags to a wreath you already have. Simple understated, and gorgeous!

Patriotic Quilts

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

I love decorating with quilts in the summer. Traditional red and white quilts are incredibly vibrant in the summer. If your quilt is vintage or has great meaning, consider hanging it on a protected wall or draping it in a safe location that won’t get too much wear and tear.

Patriotic Bicycle Ready for the Parade

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

Perhaps you don’t have a porch to decorate, but how charming is this bicycle all decorated and waiting for the 4th of July parade? Make your own with templates from Martha Stewart.

A Patriotic Porch Party

It’s such a charming and welcoming idea to set a tea tray on your porch or patio, serving patriotic sweets and treats. It’s perfect for mid-day activities or before a fireworks show.

Or Ice Cream Social

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

Of course, I’m imagining all kinds of delicious homemade ice cream. Courtesy of Pottery Barn — some great ideas to help you celebrate your American Summer!

American Farmland

Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

The breadbasket of America. Farmhouse living is simple, whole, and beautiful.


Inspirational Summer Patriotic Porch Ideas | 31Daily.com

Let us never forget why we celebrate the United States, its mission, and freedom. America is an amazing place to call home.

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