What to Cook (Apr 13-17): 3 Ingredient Dinners

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Discover delicious 3 ingredient dinner ideas that are perfect for busy weeknights. Easy to make and full of flavor.

3 Ingredient Dinners: Thai Salmon

What to Cook (Apr 13-17): 3 Ingredient Dinners

3 Ingredient Dinners: With trips to the market and supplies on the shelves sometimes skimpy, we’re making 3 ingredient dinners all week long.

It’s a holiday weekend and while it may look different than in past years, I’m looking forward to a meaningful time with family.

Community Easter Egg Hunts may not exist this year, church visits and extended family gatherings may be saved for later, but this year will be an Easter to remember.

I hope you’re celebrating and making lasting memories with those you love. We’re watching church online, having ham for dinner, a family Group FaceTime, (here’s a link on how to set it up), and family boardgame competitions that night.

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After a feast, snacks, and fierce game-time competition, we’ll end the day with a movie and Easter treats.

How are you celebrating? Please tell me you’re having chocolate sometime this weekend!

Come Monday, it’s back to work and school online… and new normal schedules.

Let’s make dinner super easy this week. And extend our pantry supplies by using less of them, precious commodities that they’ve become!

Stay safe and healthy! And if you’re reading this on Saturday — Happy Easter! 

Have a great week, everyone.

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What to Cook (Apr 13-17): 3 Ingredient Dinners

While 3 ingredient dinners are hard to plan -- they are a breeze to make. We planning an easy week following Easter with these 3 ingredient dinners.

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